Ericka Matthews

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Ericka is our receptionist and brand ambassador here at Christensen Law  – the first smiling face you see when you walk into our office and the pleasant voice you hear when you call us.

She joined the firm in 2016, after working in the legal industry as a litigation intake specialist. Ericka plays a key role at the firm, not only in maintaining the font-line client experience, but also in managing various administrative and case-related duties and assisting with client relations, marketing efforts, and firm events. She has been especially instrumental in assisting with the firm’s pandemic-inspired initiative to launch the Christensen Academy, an in-house school for employees’ children.

When not at work, Ericka is passionate about her event planning business, personal development, and helping others enrich their own lives. “I like taking on new projects and giving back to the community in any way I can. My mission in life is to impact and change lives.”

Ericka and her daughter keep busy with family and friends and at home, where she enjoys writing and filming about social issues in between events.