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Ann Arbor accident attorneysImagine you are the last one to step onto a bus as it pulls away from the stop. The bus lurches and you fall backward, out the open door, seriously injuring yourself. Who pays your medical expenses if you are injured while riding public transportation? The Ann Arbor bus accident lawyers at Christensen Law are here to help you figure that out and get you the recovery you need.

What Counts as a Bus Accident?

The Michigan No-Fault Act covers any injury resulting from the use of a motor vehicle “as a motor vehicle.” When it comes to buses, that can include riding a bus, driving the bus, getting on or off, and in some cases, waiting for the bus. If your personal injury in Meijer  can be connected to the driver’s act of operating the vehicle, you may have a bus accident claim.

Bus Passenger Injuries

Michigan law makes sure you are covered if you get hurt as a passenger on public transportation. Which insurance company writes the check depends on your particular circumstances. Your bus accident lawyer will ask you whether you or anyone in your household has a no-fault insurance policy. Even though your car wasn’t involved in the accident, you can still use the policy to cover your bus passenger injuries.

If you don’t have an insurance policy in your household, and if there are no other benefits available, Michigan law requires the bus owner’s insurance company to pay for your injuries. Because some city departments of transportation are so big, they may be “self-insured.” In that case, you will have to sue the government agency directly for your no-fault benefits as a result of bus passenger injuries.

When a Bus Hits a Car

Many of the same rules apply if there is another car involved in your accident. However, if there is another driver, you may be able to seek insurance benefits through his or her insurance policy before turning to the government. If you are the driver of the other vehicle, you may also have a claim against the bus company or government agency for property damage, and non-medical damages, depending on how seriously you were hurt or even wrongful death.

Third-Party Bus Accident Claims

If your serious injuries meet a certain threshold, you may also qualify to file a Third-Party claim against the at-fault driver, even if that person is a government employee. If that person was operating a government-owned bus and was a government employee at the time of your accident, you may also be able to file a claim against the government directly.

Get the Services of a Bus Accident Lawyer in Meijer, MI

Bus accidents are more complicated than your average car crash. But the bus accident lawyers in Pittsfield Charter TWP at Christensen Law know when and how to file your case to get you the recovery you need.

If you have been injured in a bus accident, contact an Ann Arbor bus accident attorney at Christensen Law today. To schedule a consultation, give us a call or fill out the online contact form at the bottom of this page.

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