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Troy Car Accident Lawyer

Recovering after a car accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence can be marked by anger, frustration, helplessness, and deep grief. Your life may have changed in an instant, leaving you in pain, unable to work, and wondering how you will move forward. Holding the at-fault party accountable for your damages can bring a sense of justice during this difficult time.

The Troy car accident lawyers at Christensen Law are experienced trial attorneys who understand what you are going through – and we know how to help. We stand up to insurance companies to demand fair compensation for the victims of injuries in Michigan. We have secured record-setting settlements for our clients, and we’d like to get you the money you need.

If you or a loved one was injured or killed as a result of a preventable car accident, call our compassionate team at 248-900-9000. We are strong legal advocates with proven results, and we will fight for your compensation.

Our Michigan Car Accident Lawyers Get Results

We are dedicated to getting maximum compensation for our clients, and our results reflect this. Our Troy personal injury lawyers have recovered millions in settlements and awards for the victims of car accidents. These are some of the results we’ve achieved for our clients:

  • $4.197 million award for a young woman who sustained a brain injury in a T-bone accident.
  • $3.2 million settlement for a couple who were hit in a head-on collision, killing the wife and seriously injuring the husband.
  • $2 million jury award for a 30-year-old construction worker who suffered a brain injury in a rear-end accident.

How much is your Troy car accident claim worth? Your damages will determine the value of your claim, along with other factors like the strength of the evidence and your percentage, if any, of shared fault in the wreck.

What Can You Get Compensation For After a Car Accident in Troy?

If you are injured in a car accident that is caused by another driver’s carelessness, the at-fault driver generally owes you compensation for the full scope of damages that resulted from the wreck. Those compensable losses often include:

  • Medical expenses – All costs associated with urgently treating injuries, hospitalization, surgeries, medications, assistive devices, and both short-term and long-term rehabilitative therapy/care.
  • Lost income – If injuries prevent you from working either temporarily or indefinitely due to resultant disabilities, reimbursing lost wages both already incurred and projected future losses are justified.
  • Property damage – Repair or replacement costs for any vehicles or personal property harmed or totaled during the car crash.
  • Pain and suffering – Financial damages awarded for enduring often severe physical discomfort and emotional distress arising out of collision events.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life – Car injuries might force limitations to engagement in previously treasured activities like sports, travel, or cherished hobbies which merit compensation.

Working with a Troy car accident attorney will help assigning dollar amounts to both tangible and intangible accident harm categories based on case evidence and prior verdict precedents. This is key to securing fair and complete compensation.

How Michigan’s No-Fault Laws Can Affect Your Troy Car Accident Claim

Michigan operates under a No-Fault insurance system that impacts auto accident injury claims. In Michigan, you are required to carry No-Fault insurance, which guarantees that your own insurer covers costs like medical expenses and lost wages up to the policy limits, regardless of who caused the crash. This eliminates battles over fault just to get urgent compensation.

For losses from exceeding this coverage, or additional damages like pain/suffering, an at-fault driver can still be sued in an auto negligence lawsuit. The interplay between no-fault insurance and additional claim eligibility can get complex very quickly after a collision. Consulting an attorney who knows Michigan laws can make the process less confusing.

One critical area that experienced attorneys can provide guidance on is understanding what meets the legal thresholds for allowing accident victims to step outside no-fault bounds and directly sue other drivers for additional damages. An attorney well-versed in Michigan’s complex No-Fault provisions can hold all negligent parties fully accountable financially.

The Statute of Limitations for Car Accident Claims in Troy, Michigan

According to Michigan’s statute of limitations law, car accident victims in Troy generally have three years from the date of the wreck to file a claim. If you fail to take legal action within this time frame, you will forfeit your right to pursue compensation for your accident-related costs.

There are some exceptions or provisions that could alter the timeline, such as if injuries took years to properly diagnose or manifest. Minors also may have longer to pursue legal filings. A Troy car accident lawyer can review police reports, medical records, and all other aspects of the event to provide guidance if non-standard statute conditions could apply.

Connecting with an attorney quickly is wise to avoid any lapses short of this window. Call Christensen Law at 248-900-9000 to get started.

Can You Get Compensation If You Are Partly At Fault in a Car Accident in Michigan?

Yes, it is possible to receive injury compensation in Michigan even if you are partially at fault for the car accident under the state’s comparative negligence laws. However, your damages award will be reduced by your percentage of determined fault.

For example, if you are found 25% liable for causing the crash in Troy, your total potential settlement will be reduced by 25%. So if your damages were assessed at $100,000, you would recover $75,000 – the at-fault driver covers the portion of harm they directly caused through negligence.

However, if your share of fault exceeds 50% per the investigation’s findings, you cannot recover some forms of compensation under Michigan statute. Since these liability disputes can get highly complex, having a personal injury attorney in your corner from the outset ensures maximum fault attribution to other drivers when warranted by circumstances.

Who Can Be Held Liable in a Troy Car Accident Claim?

Beyond just the negligent driver that directly caused a car accident in Troy, there may be additional liable parties that can be held legally and financially responsible, depending on your case specifics. Some potential defendants include:

  • Employers – Companies can be sued if their employee caused the crash while operating a work vehicle or conducting job-related duties at the time. This applies to delivery drivers, sales reps, or contractors acting for business purposes.
  • Vehicle owners – If the at-fault driver was operating a car owned by another person or entity, the owner may be named liable for poor maintenance, enabling an incapable driver, or insufficient insurance coverage related to the collision damages.
  • Government agencies – Injury claims involving hazardous road conditions, defective traffic signals, missing signage, or poor road design choices may mean agencies like the Michigan DOT or City of Troy Engineering Department bear some blame.

A Troy car accident attorney considers all options for maximizing compensation beyond the obvious at-fault driver using our extensive understanding of tort liability laws across various contexts.

How Much it Costs to Get a Troy Car Accident Lawyer

Our Troy car accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. Car accident attorneys who work on contingency do not require any payment from the client until they secure compensation on your behalf. There is no hourly billing – you pay nothing out of pocket up front.

With a contingency fee arrangement, your fees will come from your settlement or award. If no monetary damages are recovered, the client owes no attorney’s fees. If a settlement with insurers is negotiated or a court award granted, the lawyer takes an agreed upon percentage directly from those final sums as payment.

Contingency arrangements grant financial access to quality legal representation to all personal injury victims regardless of your economic means during this vulnerable time. By leveraging contingency agreements with a Troy car accident firm like Christensen Law, car crash victims can pursue compensation at no risk to them.

Get a Free Consultation With a Troy Car Accident Lawyer

When you’re struggling to recover from injuries and cover your bills after a car accident in Troy, it can be hard to know where to turn or what to do next. If your accident was caused by negligence, getting compensation for your injury-related costs can offer you a path to financial security.

The Troy car accident attorneys at Christensen Law will aggressively pursue compensation on your behalf. During your free consultation with our team, we will listen closely to every detail of your accident, your injuries, and the impact the wreck has had on your life. Then, we will map out a tailored game plan to fight for your rights.

With compassionate legal experts in your corner, you can focus on healing instead of worrying about negotiating with insurance companies. To learn more about how we can protect your rights in Michigan, call 248-900-9000.