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Holly Evenson
Holly Evenson
Legal Assistant

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Adonica Dawkins

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Michelle Weber Senior Litigation Supoort Specialist, Christensen Law
Michelle Weber
Senior Legal Support Specialist

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Lindsay Spencer
Legal Assistant

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Allyson Dean
Intake Paralegal

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Onya Sterling
Onya Sterling
Intake Administrator

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Dilynn Erngren Office Aide Christensen Law
Dilynn Erngren
Office Aide

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Darren Jobak
Accounting Specialist

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Eileen OBrien
Chief Marketing Officer

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Nancy Pruett, Intake, Christensen Law Personal Injury
Nancy Pruett
Intake Specialist | Manager of Intake Experience

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Devin Berry, Paralegal, Christensen Law
Devin Berry

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Julie Moskal
Intake Department & Referrals Manager

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Ria Rambuda
Rialivhuwa Rambuda
Paralegal Assistant

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Leanne Sugar, Executive Assistant, Christensen Law MI
Leanne Sugar
Executive Assistant

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Samantha Jobak Paralegal Christensen Law
Samantha Jobak

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Kay-Lynn Chartier
Social Media Manager

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Leslie Christensen, Co-Founder, Christensen Law MI
Leslie Christensen
Co-Founder & Owner

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Linda Mondon, Conrtroller, Christensen Law MI
Linda Mondon

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Kecha Hayes, Legal Assistant, Christensen Law MI
Kecha Hayes
Legal Assistant

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Senior Litigation Paralegal, Stephanie McPherson, Christian Law MI
Stephanie McPherson
Director of Operations

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Michelle Waddell Christensen Law Legal Assistant
Michelle Waddell
Training Implementation Specialist

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Ericka Matthews Christensen Law MI
Ericka Matthews
Receptionist & Brand Ambassador

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