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Christensen Law welcomes referrals of significant PI cases from members of the bar and the medical community


We accept referrals of cases that involve a wide range of complex injuries stemming from pedestrian, vehicular, and other accidents, including wrongful death matters. These cases frequently go to trial and are often protracted, costly to sustain, and demand a comprehensive knowledge of injury type, impact, and long-term care. Whether these matters are out of your jurisdiction, or outside your area of expertise, our attorneys can help deliver results for your clients.

Our promise to you as a referring attorney and to your client is the same as that we make to ours – we’ll spare no expense to secure justice and the appropriate compensation for your case.

As stewards of your client’s future, we will guide them judiciously and with extreme fiduciary care. We are confident that our handling of the case will positively impact both you and your client.

Choose a personal injury legal partner who:

  • has an exemplary record of winning substantial verdicts and awards across Michigan
  • has set numerous records with 7- and 8-figure awards
  • promptly pays referral fees – we’ve paid multiple millions to our referral partners
  • has the resources to throughly investigate and build a strong case
  • carries the costs on all cases without compromise or shortcut
  • prepares every case with a trial-bound philosophy
  • has expert knowledge of complicated cases with severe injuries
  • fights with unparalleled vigor and dedication to justice
  • practices truth in advocacy – and presents no false promises
  • is focused on complex, nuanced PI cases with extensive treatment needs
  • lightens your docket from long and expensive litigation
  • respects the professional bond between you and your client
  • has a reputation of slaying insurance companies
  • treats every client as an individual and get to know them personally
  • keeps you fully apprised of the case progress and outcomes
  • leads with compassion, living each case through the client’s eyes


Let us help you help your client. Our team of highly experienced attorneys and litigators are here to assist.

Send us a note about your client’s case below and someone from our legal team will get back to you immediately.

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