Michelle Weber

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Michelle is the Senior Legal Support Specialist for firm partners Dave Christensen and Sarah Stempky-Kime, where she plays a pivotal role in the powerhouse litigation team’s success. With an impressive career spanning personal injury, worker’s comp, Social Security disability, family law, estate planning, and medical malpractice cases, Michelle brings years of hands-on experience to the team. Her responsibilities encompass drafting pleadings, conducting case evaluations, managing discovery, summarizing medical records, and orchestrating the intricate details of trial preparation. Having contributed to over 10 trials, Michelle’s standout performance includes her involvement in a poignant case involving a tragic, multiple-fatality, accident on a Detroit freeway. Her dedication to her work was underscored by a heartfelt letter of appreciation from the sole survivor, a testament to Michelle’s compassionate and impactful approach to her profession.

Michelle’s journey to her current role is marked by diverse experiences and a commitment to excellence. Raised in  her younger years in Puerto Rico, she is also fluent in Spanish.  She pursued her education at Eastern Michigan University and Madonna University, focusing on criminal justice. Outside of her professional endeavors, Michelle is a skilled figure skater who has competed internationally and now shares her passion for the sport as a dedicated instructor. Her personal ethos centers on making a positive, lasting, impact through altruism and community service.

A busy mom supporting her young athlete in travel club baseball, the family makes time to vacation together to fulfill their goal of visiting all the MLB parks in the US. Intrigued with foreign culture, she hopes one day to visit Puerto Rico more frequently,  and travel further abroad to Ireland.