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Dog bite victims in Ann Arbor deserve a dedicated legal team to fight for their financial recovery. That’s Christensen Law, Michigan personal injury attorneys fighting for animal attack victims since 1991. We get results for our clients, and an Ann Arbor dog bite lawyer from our team will fight for the money you are entitled to recover.

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What Sets Christensen Law Apart from Other Firms in Ann Arbor?

Our firm’s motto is “LISTEN PROTECT WIN.” This isn’t a catchy mantra; it is a phrase that truly represents the Christensen Law approach. Lead attorney David Christensen lost his father suddenly due to someone’s negligence, and we understand the all-consuming impact that sudden harm can have.

The Christensen Law Team will:

  • Listen: You were bitten by the dog. You understand most how the attack has affected your life. We listen first, then fight for your financial recovery.
  • Protect: From the moment a dog bite happens, victims’ rights come under threat. Dog owners, their lawyers, and insurance companies may all work to blame you for the accident, convince you to admit fault, and undermine your case in other ways. Our team will protect you.
  • Aim to win: Christensen Law has an extensive record of six- and seven-figure recoveries. Our case results include individual recoveries of $17.8 million, $4.55 million, $3.2 million, and several more multi-million-dollar victories. When a dog bite causes harm, choose our law firm with a proven record of winning for Michiganders.
  • Provide affordable, client-friendly legal services: When you’re already facing financial hardship, you deserve a law firm that will only help—not add more financial stress. You pay us nothing up front, nothing out of your own pocket. We receive a percentage of our clients’ recoveries, but always ensure that your damages are covered first and foremost.

Look no further for a caring legal team. Trust Christensen Law to act in your best interests and fight for your settlement.

Former Clients Explain What Christensen Law Offers Dog Bite Victims in Ann Arbor

We frequently receive positive reviews from grateful former clients in Michigan:

  • “This law firm is fantastic. They are very helpful and insightful about different types of lawsuits and the best firm to call.” – Cassady Commette

This is just one of many testimonials we have earned through hard work and compassion. We want you to experience the second-to-none experience that Christensen Law promises.

How Our Dog Bite Attorney Can Seek Fair Compensation for Your Damages

Once you hire Christensen Law, turn your attention towards recovery. We’ll fight for fair money for your dog bite by:

  • Identifying those responsible for your bite, whether it’s a dog owner or somebody else
  • Documenting your bite-related damages
  • Securing evidence of liable parties’ negligence
  • Completing settlement negotiations for you
  • Taking your case to trial, if that’s the right decision for you

We will be in touch throughout your case in Ann Arbor. Though securing your financial recovery is our job, our team can monitor your recovery and help in any non-legal way that we can. With Christensen Law, you’re family.

Damages the Dog Bite Team From Christensen Law Can Recover for You

Our dog bite lawyers serving Ann Arbor know the common consequences of dog bites: pain, work losses, possible infections, and psychological distress, among others. Types of damages we’ll seek compensation for in your case are:

Medical Bills

The Insurance Information Institute (III) explains that the average cost per dog-related homeowners claim was more than $49,000. The cost of your claim could be greater than this figure, and it speaks to the potential severity of dog bite-related wounds.

The Christensen Law team has seen dog bite accident victims require:

  • Emergency transportation
  • Extensive wound care, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explains that dog bites are associated with potentially serious infections
  • Surgery, both in response to injuries and to cosmetically repair scarring and disfigurement
  • Substantial periods of hospitalization
  • Repeated doctors appointments to monitor recovery
  • Rehabilitation for injuries

Our firm has seen the pressure that emerges as medical bills mount and dog bite victims are unable to work. We are here to protect you, and we aim for liable parties to cover all your bite-related medical expenses.

Pain and Suffering

Anytime someone in Ann Arbor gets attacked by a dog, we expect them to have an acute fear of canines. However, we’ve found that the pain and suffering of a dog bite can be wide-ranging, and your own bite may cause:

  • Physical pain
  • Depression, generalized anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Self-esteem deficits, especially if you have scarring or other types of disfigurement
  • Disruptions in your personal and professional life, causing a decrease in your quality of life
  • Sleep problems

Your dog bite lawyer from Christensen Law can work with mental health professionals to diagnose and seek fair compensation for your pain and suffering.

Any Necessary Mental Health Treatment

If you need therapy, counseling, medications, or other treatments to address mental health deficits, we’ll assess the cost of these treatments. You shouldn’t have to worry about the price of getting the therapies you need. Christensen Law will work hard to ensure that these services are provided.

Lost Income and Other Professional Damages

Injuries from a dog bite can cause:

  • Permanent loss of a career
  • Lost income
  • Lost earning power
  • Missed promotion opportunities
  • Lost bonus opportunities
  • Other professional damages

You can count on your lawyer to evaluate these losses and determine how much you can seek a recovery for.

Hire an Ann Arbor Dog BIte Lawyer From Our Team Today

Let an Ann Arbor dog bite lawyer from Christensen Law be your staunchest advocate. We are a firm by Michiganders, for Michiganders. Our passion for serving our neighbors shines bright, and we’ll get started on your case as soon as possible.

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