Dustin Hoff

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Dustin Hoff is an accomplished trial attorney who joined the firm in April 2015. He was admitted to the Michigan State Bar in 2014, at which time he took a position with a small firm in Sandusky, his hometown, where he focused on torts and defended the rights of personal injury victims.

At Christensen Law, he represents plaintiffs in wrongful death, auto and truck injury accidents and insurance disputes, frequently collaborating with trial partners Dave Christensen and Tom Economy.

His style as a lawyer is accessible. “I like to stay in touch with people – whether that is with clients, medical providers, members of the legal community, and especially, back home in the Thumb. “I’m not the guy who’s going to inundate you with legalese; I’m more folksy and ready to chat, to check in with what’s going on.”

Dustin has a keen sense of civic duty, and a deeply empathetic nature borne of familial experience with long-term ill-health. In dealing with clients, he draws on his own childhood experiences. A product of the thumb region of rural Michigan, Hoff’s childhood was a lesson in understanding what his clients go through. “I am one of five children. My mother has muscular dystrophy, and my father was a disabled Vietnam Veteran. I saw their struggles each day. Whether it is was major obstacles like walking or the simple routines of daily living – putting on socks, cleaning dishes, making dinner – I saw how it impacted the things we take for granted. These are the same challenges victims of auto accidents and negligence also experience. My parents’ struggles provided me with firsthand knowledge and understanding of the suffering our customers experience.”

A resident of Plymouth, Michigan, Dustin spends his time with his family and enjoys traveling, concerts, and the occasional golf game. He was recently named to the Board of Directors of Saint Christine Christian Services, a not-for-profit organization largely focused on providing for the food insecure in the Detroit community.

“I love giving a voice to and protecting the rights of injured victims. Most people have no experience with the legal system, especially after an accident. It’s important we don’t let them fall through the cracks along with their rights.”