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Car accident victims in Ann Arbor deserve a law firm with decades of experience, an established track record of results, and a pledge to “LISTEN PROTECT WIN.” That’s Christensen Law, and our team can start your case for compensation today.

Unfortunately, when you seek compensation after a car crash that wasn’t your fault, you’re not likely to have an easy go of it. Complicated insurance practices, reluctant insurance companies, and the other driver’s lawyers all stand in between you and the financial help you need to recover.

That’s why many motor vehicle accident victims like you choose to enlist the services of an Ann Arbor car accident lawyer from Christensen Law. Call Christensen Law today at 248-900-9000 for a free consultation.

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We Can Assess the Damages From Your Car Accident in Ann Arbor

Car accidents are among the leading causes of injury in Ann Arbor and across the United States. Christensen Law has handled thousands of cases, completed hundreds of trials, and won multiple millions for clients, including car accident victims in Ann Arbor. We can assess your damages and demand the money you deserve from the liable parties.

In addition to compensation for your injuries, your Ann Arbor car accident lawyer can help you decide which damages you should seek compensation for. Some common damages car accident victims suffer are:

  • Medical bills
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation expenses
  • Property damage
  • Lost earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Reduced quality of life

The car accident team from Christensen Law will work tirelessly to safeguard your future.  We will fight to get you every dollar you deserve, even if that means going to trial.

Christensen Law Has Fought and Won for the Unheard Since 1991

Founder David Christensen, managing partner Sarah Stempky-Kime, and the rest of the Christensen Law team provide empathetic legal services. While our case results prove that we hold liable parties financially accountable, our clients receive nothing but compassion when dealing with our team.

You might hire an Ann Arbor car accident lawyer from Christensen Law because:

  • Michigan is our mission: Nationwide law firms cannot possibly care about Michiganders the way we do. Our attorneys have deep personal and professional roots in Michigan, and representing car accident victims in Ann Arbor is personal to us.
  • We stick to our core principles: Those principles are LISTEN PROTECT WIN. We believe that we cannot offer winning legal services without first listening to our clients and protecting their dignity, well-being, and legal cases.
  • You’ll get authenticity and honesty at every turn of your case in Ann Arbor: From our perspective, authenticity is too often lacking in our business. That’s why we treat clients like family, speaking with you honestly without exception. When we give advice or case updates, you can trust it without thinking twice.

You may also consider our extensive list of case results, which we are continually adding to with settlements and verdicts for our clients. Christensen Law leads car accident cases the right way, as honest legal service is all we know.

Once you hire us, our legal team will immediately seek evidence to build your case upon.

Gathering Evidence to Support Your Ann Arbor Car Crash Claim

One of our first priorities is securing evidence related to your car accident in Ann Arbor. Depending on your circumstances, we may respond to your accident scene to speak with witnesses, secure physical evidence, and document the collision.

What kinds of evidence do you need? Evidence in your car crash case may include traffic camera photos or video footage, your photos of the damage to your vehicle and that of the other driver, witness statements, police reports, and your medical records.

The list of evidence we seek in Ann Arbor car accident cases includes:

  • Video evidence
  • Photographs
  • Witness statements
  • Police and accident reports
  • Accident scene expert analysis
  • Medical documentation
  • Mechanic reports
  • Manufacturer recall information
  • A record of how your accident and injuries are impacting your life

To receive the compensation you need to recover, your Ann Arbor car accident injury attorney will need to determine who caused your crash and hold that party accountable. Your lawyer will approach this task by examining all the available evidence.

The more evidence we get, the better. And evidence has a way of fading as time passes after a car accident in Ann Arbor, so it’s best to retain the Christensen Law team as soon as possible.

Negotiating a Fair Settlement After an Ann Arbor Car Accident


We will negotiate the maximum settlement by using evidence to show that you’ve suffered harm and deserve compensation for that harm.

If the involved insurance companies don’t agree to provide a fair settlement for your losses, we can take your case to the courtroom. In fact, we handle every case as if it will go to trial, and this approach allows us to negotiate from a position of strength. If and when a trial becomes necessary, our team is ready.

Attempting to negotiate with insurance companies on your own isn’t a good idea. Insurers often try to take advantage of victims. One of the ways they do this is by tricking accident victims into taking some responsibility for the accident. Insurers know they may pay you less if you’re even partially to blame for the accident.

Another tactic insurers use is dragging out the claim process as long as they can, hoping you’ll accept a lesser settlement amount because you need the money sooner rather than later. Even savvy accident victims may end up saying the wrong thing and hurting their case.

Your Ann Arbor auto crash attorney from Christensen Law will speak with insurers for you, and we’ll fight hard to make sure your claim is successful.

Who Might Be At Fault for Your Ann Arbor Vehicle Collision?

Car accidents in Ann Arbor are sometimes the fault of one liable driver. Perhaps he or she wasn’t paying attention and smashed right into your car.

In many cases, however, various factors contribute to a collision. Multiple parties could have played a role, and determining who was at fault can get complicated. As if that isn’t confusing enough, different parties can be partially liable for your damages.

The Christensen Law team will identify all factors that led to your car accident in Ann Arbor, which may include:

Our attorneys understand motor vehicle accidents on more than a professional level. Lead attorney David Christensen lost his father to a fatal traffic accident, so holding liable parties responsible for causing accidents is personal to us.

Rest assured that we’ll consider every detail of your accident and fight hard to hold all liable parties accountable for your damages.

Understanding Michigan Insurance Practices

Michigan requires drivers to carry no-fault personal injury protection (PIP) insurance. That means you can immediately collect compensation for your medical bills and some other expenses after your Ann Arbor car accident.

The downside, however, is that PIP insurance rarely covers all the expenses you’re going to encounter, especially if you’ve been seriously injured. Add to that the fact that most insurance companies are looking to offer victims the smallest amounts of compensation possible in the interest of enhancing their profits.

Sometimes, the PIP benefits you’re eligible to receive may be enough to cover your losses. An attorney can help you file a claim with your no-fault insurer so you can receive the maximum compensation allowed under your policy. PIP benefits can provide compensation for:

However, in certain scenarios, you can pursue compensation that extends beyond what your PIP insurance plan has to offer. If you meet Michigan’s definition of serious bodily injury, you can sue the at-fault driver or party in civil court.

Our team will help you determine how to seek compensation (insurance claim or lawsuit) and then execute the strategy we draw up for your case.

Filing a personal injury claim may seem intimidating, but your  Ann Arbor car collision lawyer will handle the process for you.

Let an Ann Arbor Car Crash Lawyer From Christensen Law Fight for You

Whether you’ve suffered a broken bone or a traumatic brain injury as a result of your crash, your car accident attorney at Christensen Law will do everything possible to get you the compensation you need in Ann Arbor.

To speak with a Ann Arbor car accident lawyer at David Christensen Law, give us a call at 248-900-9000 or fill out the online contact form below. We offer free case reviews, so you can discuss your auto injury case with us without obligation. If you’re having trouble getting around right now because of your injuries, we’ll come to you.