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The Michigan personal injury attorneys at Christensen Law have been advocating for dog bite victims since 1991. During this time spanning more than three decades, we have won financial recoveries for those harmed by those responsible for dog attacks.

A Detroit dog bite lawyer from our firm is ready to fight for compensation on your behalf today. Call Christensen Law today at 248-900-9000 for your free consultation.

Recoverable Damages a Dog Bite Lawyer From Christensen Law Can Seek

Our personal injury lawyers serving Detroit have seen the scarring, physical pain, and psychological distress that dog bite victims experience. Unfortunately, dog bites can have catastrophic consequences, with victims in Detroit suffering:

  • Scarring and disfigurement: Craniomaxillofacial Trauma & Reconstruction notes that dog bites can cause “unpleasing scars” and severe disfigurement, particularly when bites are to the neck or face. You may require cosmetic surgery even for bite-related disfigurement on other parts of your body.
  • Pain and suffering: The World Journal of Pediatric Surgery lists “long-term psychological stress” as a potential consequence of dog bites. You may also suffer self-esteem issues, generalized anxiety, fear of dogs, depression, physical pain, lost quality of life, and other types of pain and suffering because of your dog bite.
  • Professional damages: Your dog bite injuries may prevent you from working, costing you income, earning power, and other professional benefits.
  • Medical expenses: We’ll demand that those responsible for your dog bite cover all bite-related medical costs. If you need any rehabilitation for injuries, we’ll seek money to cover that as well.

Our attorneys have secured record-setting settlements and verdicts for clients in Detroit and throughout Michigan. We will seek to maximize the value of your financial recovery.

Why Dog Bite Victims in Detroit Rely on Christensen Law to Get the Money They Deserve

We’re not like most other law firms, and that’s a good thing. Our clients hire Christensen Law because:

  • We LISTEN PROTECT & WIN: Our law firm’s ethos is rooted in empathy. We cannot serve dog bite accident victims properly unless we listen to their experiences. Before we start negotiating for the settlement you deserve, we will document your entire story, address your questions, and ensure that you’re heard.
  • We focus on dog bite cases: Dog bite cases are one of our primary practice areas. Detroit has a particularly difficult problem with dogs and dog attacks, and our firm works to ensure that every dog bite victim gets justice.
  • We have an office in Detroit and a legal team ready to meet your needs: We are proud to call Motor City home. With an office located in the city, we take pride in representing those in Detroit whose voices are often unheard. This includes dog bite victims, and it includes you.
  • We work urgently to resolve your case (and get you compensation) as soon as possible: While we love serving clients in Detroit, we understand that you don’t want to wait for your compensation. Most dog bite accident victims want to get a fair financial recovery and move on with their lives. We understand this, so we’ll do everything we can to resolve your case as soon as possible.
  • Your satisfaction and recovery are our priority: Our firm’s values include compassion, excellence, and stewardship. These values shine through in our unique brand of legal service. You won’t regret hiring Christensen Law, as we are a firm that puts the client first.

We have handled thousands of cases, completed hundreds of trials, and recovered millions and millions for our clients. These are facts you can trust from a law firm you can trust.

To better understand what our firm is about, check out our Meet the Firm video. Lead attorney David Christensen has dealt with tragedy, and he understands how a dog bite can change your life in a second.

Hire a real, honest legal team to fight for you in Detroit. Hire Christensen Law.

Testimonials From Real Christensen Law Clients in Michigan

Our clients have no shortage of praise for Christensen Law:

  • I would highly recommend Christensen Law Firm to anyone looking for a personal injury attorney. Their staff is very friendly and easy to work with. They were able to answer all of my questions and concerns, and they always made me feel like they had my best interests at heart!” – Jelly Ann Candido
  • “This law firm is fantastic. They are very helpful and insightful about different types of lawsuits and the best firm to call.” – Cassady Commette

These are just two of many rave reviews for our legal team serving Detroit. Don’t take it from us that Christensen Law fights tirelessly for our clients—take it from the clients themselves.

How a Dog Bite Lawyer from Christensen Law Will Fight for Your Settlement or Judgment

Our firm is very selective in which cases we accept. If we agree to represent you, expect to have the full force of Christensen Law behind your case.

Our dog bite case team in Detroit will:

  • Identify the parties who are legally (and financially) responsible for your dog bite
  • Calculate the cost of your damages
  • Document your damages
  • Lead settlement negotiations for you
  • Complete a trial, if necessary

Our first priority is protecting you. Liable parties and insurance companies may try to blame you for the bite, claiming that you provoked the dog or failed to protect yourself. However, we can prove otherwise.

You don’t pay unless we win!  We accept no upfront or out-of-pocket payment from you. Our firm will cover the cost of your case, and we’ll only get paid if you get the money you deserve.

Call for a Free Consultation About Hiring a Detroit Dog Bite Lawyer From Our Firm

Suffering a dog bite can be traumatic. We want you to focus on your recovery while our experienced attorneys fight for a fair financial recovery. Our team passionately serves dog bite victims in Detroit, and a lawyer from our team will prioritize your case.

Start by discussing your dog bite and case with our team. Call Christensen Law today at 248-900-9000 for your free consultation.