Holly Evenson

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Holly Evenson is an accomplished Legal Assistant who brings over 20 years of primarily auto and semi-truck accident related experience to our firm. As a key member of trial attorney Dustin Hoff’s legal team, she is responsible for ensuring the timely progression of cases. Holly maximizes her team’s efficacy by drafting and filing court documents, overseeing scheduling, maintaining client communication, and preparing cases for trial.

A persistent and strong work ethic has earned her opportunities supporting complex cases throughout her career. Holly cites many memorable cases that shaped her compassionate approach to client care, including that of a 2-year-old child who was fatally electrocuted in a residential backyard. Inspired by the courage and strength of clients who have experienced great loss, Holly takes pride in doing whatever is necessary to help them secure justice.

As a mother of two vivacious young girls, Holly spends most of her free time immersed in family activities. She and her husband enjoy RV camping across the state and have their sights set on visiting every state park in Michigan’s lower peninsula. When she isn’t cheering at a softball game or crafting with her girls, she can be found hunting down new baking recipes, gardening in the backyard, or reading a romance novel.