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The Couple Feels Sad When Looking at the Picture of a Lost Loved One in the Frame

Losing a close relative in a fatal accident can cause excruciating emotional pain for any family. Nothing will ever make up for the tragic loss of a loved one, but Christensen Law is here to support you during this difficult time. We’ve helped thousands of clients, including those who’ve lost a loved one, obtain justice.

If your family member has passed away in a fatal accident due to another person’s negligence, a Grand Rapids wrongful death attorney from Christensen Law in Grand Rapids can help identify the liable parties and secure compensation for your family.

You and your family may be suffering from financial losses like final medical costs, funeral costs, and the possible loss of income after the deceased’s passing, in addition to emotional hardship resulting from their death. Our firm will work diligently to secure the maximum compensation your family deserves. Call Christensen Law today at 248-900-9000 for your free consultation.

Why Christensen Law Firm Can Lead Grand Rapids Wrongful Death Cases

We’re dedicated to getting justice for residents and visitors in Grand Rapids. We’re so committed to you and your family’s recovery that we have an office on Eaglecrest Drive, which will be the hub for your case. If necessary, we can also come to you.

Clients who have lost loved ones in Grand Rapids work with personal injury attorneys from Christensen Law because:

  • We are not like other law firms: We truly believe that’s a good thing. While other personal injury firms may provide similar services, our authentic, honest approach sets Christensen Law apart.
  • We listen first: Our firm’s motto is LISTEN PROTECT WIN. We listen first, because we can only lead your case effectively if we have your input. Whether it’s your first meeting with your lawyer, or you’re calling mid-case with a question or concern, expect our full attention.
  • We have won millions of dollars for our clients: Since 1991, the Christensen Law team has secured multiple millions for thousands of clients. Our notable verdicts and judgments include recoveries of $17.8 million (truck accident), $4.55 million (electrocution accident), and $3.2 million (head-on collision) and a recent $9.5 million wrongful death verdict
  • We stand firm against the most relentless opponents: It does not matter who you are up against. If someone’s negligence harmed you or a loved one, trust the Christensen Law team to hold them accountable.

Michigan is our home, and that makes your case a priority to us. We are waiting for your call today.

Are There Restrictions for Filing a Wrongful Death Action?

In Michigan, there are laws related to who can file wrongful death actions. A decedent’s personal representative may file a wrongful death case on behalf of:

  • A spouse
  • Children
  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Brothers and sisters
  • The deceased’s estate
  • Stepchildren
  • Anyone appointed in the deceased’s will

In addition to limiting who can file the action, state law also outlines a time limit for filing a lawsuit. The time limit to file a wrongful death lawsuit is generally three years from when the death occurred. If we don’t file your lawsuit within this time, the court may not hear the case, and your family may not receive compensation.

There are some exceptions to this statute of limitations, so contact Christensen Law to discuss your case.

Recoverable Damages in a Grand Rapids Wrongful Death Case

Our team’s heart is with you and your family. We understand how much emotional and psychological pain your and your family are dealing with after this loss. No amount of money will truly make up for this tragedy, but we strongly believe it’s important to hold the other party accountable for their actions.

Christensen Law can assist you by seeking compensation that covers damages and helps you obtain a measure of justice. We’ll seek fair compensation for:

  • Your pain and suffering
  • Any treatment you need (or may need) to cope with your grief
  • The decedent’s pain and suffering
  • Lost spousal companionship
  • Lost parental guidance
  • Funeral expenses
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost financial support

Some of these damages may seem difficult to calculate, especially for losses without a monetary value; determining that is our responsibility, and we will guide you in this respect.

We will be thorough when reviewing the impact of your loved one’s passing so that we can pursue everything you and your family are owed.

How Our Attorneys Can Help You, Just as We’ve Helped Clients for 30+ Years

The Client Is Explaining the Offense to a Lawyer and Working Together to Resolve the Case

We provide personalized legal representation to those who may not otherwise have effective access to justice. Our duties for wrongful death clients in Grand Rapids typically include:

  • Identifying parties responsible for the wrongful death
  • Calculating your damages
  • Documenting your damages
  • Leading settlement negotiations
  • Completing any necessary trial
  • Managing all communications
  • Drafting and filing all paperwork

You should not have to deal with a lawsuit by yourself – you have enough to deal with after the loss of a family member. Let us take care of you and secure justice for your loved one in Grand Rapids.

How to Know if a Wrongful Death Occurred in Grand Rapids

A fatal accident is considered wrongful death when the person or party responsible for the accident is negligent or careless. A wrongful death case may stem from truck accidents, product malfunction accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, and many other circumstances.

To prove negligence, your wrongful death attorney will gather all available evidence in your case. This evidence may include police reports, witness testimonies, medical records, photographs, and video footage. By using this evidence, your Grand Rapids personal injury lawyer from Christensen Law can determine how the accident happened, who caused the accident, and whether negligence occurred.

Reach Out to a Grand Rapids Wrongful Death Attorney Today

Although no amount of money will ever make up for the loss you’ve sustained, holding the negligent parties legally responsible for their actions can ensure that your family is able to recover without financial stress.

At Christensen Law, we can help you file a wrongful death lawsuit so your family can find closure and justice. We believe in protecting those whose lives have been devastated by negligence; please do not hesitate to call.

If you’re ready to speak with a Grand Rapids wrongful death lawyer about your next steps, call for a free and confidential consultation at 248-900-9000 or by filling out our contact form.