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Fatal accidents in Michigan are often caused by negligence or wrongful behavior. 

It’s something we all know can  happen at any moment, but never really think it will—untimely death. The death of a loved one has far-reaching impacts; the entire family can suffer. If you have lost a beloved family member due to negligence or wrongful behavior, you are likely overcome with grief, anger, and confusion. Nothing will ever bring them back, or make what happened somehow acceptable. However, in the event of negligence, or wrongful behavior causing the fatality, there are legitimate reasons to file a Michigan wrongful death lawsuit – from  providing financial support to working through grief by knowing you’ve secured justice for your loved one.

If you’ve been considering filing a wrongful death claim in Michigan, contact a Michigan wrongful death lawyer at Christensen Law for help.

Does the Cause of a Michigan Wrongful Death Matter?

Many types of Michigan accidents can cause death.  While we can proceed through life balancing risk, ultimately, we can’t prevent every accident. And we cannot count on everyone else to be cautious and responsible, especially on the roads.

Often, a loved one was injured because of someone else’s wrongful actions, not because they did anything wrong. The cause of their death does play a role in the Michigan wrongful death claim you and your family file on their behalf. That’s because certain laws impact different types of accident claims in Michigan.

For example, if your loved one was killed in a car accident, then vehicle accident laws will apply to their wrongful death case. If your loved one was killed due to medical negligence, then medical negligence laws will apply in that case. Your wrongful death lawyer in Michigan will help you understand the laws that affect your case, and how to proceed.

Some examples of wrongful death accident types in Michigan:

What Are the Benefits of Filing a Michigan Wrongful Death Claim?

Although no amount of money will ever jusitfy the negligent death of a loved one, a lawsuit could help you and your family considerably.

Some claims actually lead to changes in legislation or safety regulations, which could make the world a little safer for others. A successful case means you and your family could receive financial compensation to help you deal with this loss, money to pay for related financial budens, such as funeral and burial expenses. The money could even go to charity or organizations your lost loved one cared about, or into trust for  family members.

What Could Your Michigan Wrongful Death Settlement Cover?

One of the main reasons to file a wrongful death claim for a Michigan accident is to obtain financial compensation due to the family or estate of the deceased. Financial compensation is not intended to replace your lost loved one. What it does do is pay for the financial burdens associated with the accident and loss.

For instance, related medical bills could be covered through your wrongful death claim. If your lost loved one was the family’s financial provider, you could obtain compensation to help you deal with the loss of their income.

Your Michigan wrongful death attorney is focused on helping you obtain the money you need to get through this traumatic event. Some damages that could be covered through your wrongful death claim include:

  • Pain and suffering of the deceased prior to death
  • Lost income
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Medical costs
  • Grief and mental suffering
  • Loss of consortium

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Losing a loved one is so overwhelming that you may not be thinking of pursuing legal recourse. However, compensation awarded in a successful claim can help you and your family recover from the loss, pay for associated expenses, and provide for future financial security.

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