Practice Area Category: Car Accident

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Insurer agrees to pay $2 million to brain injury victim from automobile-bicycle accident

A bicyclist suffered a traumatic brain injury that required inpatient residential care for the rest of his life. When his no-fault insurance company refused to pay for his care, we sued them. After an intense litigation, the insurance company agreed to pay $2 million to settle his case. (John Doe v. MEEMIC Insurance Company)

Head Injury from Car Accident

A 30-year-old construction laborer was rear ended at about 10 mph. He suffered a whiplash and an acceleration/deceleration brain injury. The defense argued that this was a very mild accident and could not have injured this victim. The jury disagreed and awarded the man $2 million. (Soto v Smurfit-Stone)

$1.625 million recovery in wrongful death automobile accident case 

Our client, a man from Macomb, Michigan, was violently rear ended by a commercial van. As a result, he sustained serious injuries to his spine and required surgery. Tragically, he died as a result of the surgery. His case against the negligent driver (and the driver’s employer who owned the van) settled for $1.625 million. (Grinols v. Pitney Bowes)

Woman Wins Underinsured Motorist Benefits at Trial

A woman was vacuuming her car at a car wash when another driver crashed into her car, crushing her leg. We took the offending driver to court along with the victim’s insurance company because she wisely had purchased under-insured motorist insurance coverage. The jury found that she was entitled to a full recovery of $1 million. (Venegas v Jones)

Jury Awards House to Young Paraplegic

A 17-year-old girl became wheelchair bound after a rollover accident. Her insurance company refused to pay her benefits for home modifications, and left her living in a motel room. We went to trial and the jury awarded her a house and ordered the insurance company to pay for all the modifications necessary to make it wheelchair accessible. (Nickell v Auto Owners Insurance Co)

Home Modifications Awarded To Amputee by Insurance Company

A 60 year-old woman lost her leg in a car accident, and her insurance company refused to make her home wheelchair-accessible. We fought for her, and relentlessly investigated the insurer. Finally, we discovered that the insurer was hiding critical documents that proved her claim was valid. They were forced to pay for home modifications. (Burkard v Westfield)

Record Verdict for Psychiatric Injury

A 32 year old single mother of three was rear-ended on an expressway on-ramp. She suffered a minor whiplash injury, but developed PTSD and a severe anxiety disorder leading to panic attacks. The defense argued the anxiety was a result of extensive sexual abuse she experienced as a young girl, but the jury disagreed. The jury awarded her the largest verdict in Michigan for a purely psychiatric injury from an accident. (Barry v L & M Hardwood)

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy / Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome

A healthy mother suffered a relatively minor fracture in a car accident. The fracture led to Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (a/k/a reflex sympathetic dystrophy). CRPS can develop after relatively minor injuries and causes intense debilitating pain. It is a neurologic condition, and challenging to prove. Her case settled confidentially for a seven figure amount. (Confidential)