Nora Y. Hanna

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Nora Hanna joined Christensen Law as a trial attorney in 2022. With over 8 years of experience and having achieved several multi-million-dollar verdicts in her career to date, Nora’s knowledge of the law coupled with a personal commitment to the community positions her well to serve the needs of our clients.

Bringing a unique blend of strategy, perseverance, and pure guts to the team, Nora prides herself on open and direct communication balanced with compassion and a deep understanding of the nuances of a client’s case.

In her first sitting as Trial Chair, she secured a verdict for her client that was 80 times what the insurance company originally offered. Additional career highlights include recovering over $3 million for a family who lost their 2-year-old in a fatal car crash; a fatal aviation crash complicated by a co-employee relationship; the Aiyana Stanley Jones case that settled for $8.25 million; and her efforts with the ACLU in successfully stopping the unlawful deportation of hundreds of Michigan Iraqi nationals in 2017. She represented 2 plaintiffs in the Oxford school shooting case. Nora is no stranger to fighting for justice.

Nora graduated from Wayne State University with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication and Rhetoric in 2012. A natural linguist, she speaks native English as well as Neo Aramaic (Chaldean) and conversational Arabic. She earned her Juris Doctor from Wayne State University Law School in 2015 where she served as the Communications Specialist at the Office of Communications and Marketing.

Growing up with strict immigrant parents, Nora spent her childhood crafting argumentative and persuasive language – and she says her mother is still the toughest judge she’s ever faced. Her unparalleled tenacity and drive resulted in teachers predicting her future as a lawyer, as evidenced by her spearheading a video campaign to protest the wrongful removal of district paraprofessionals in the 5th grade.

Looking ahead, Nora has a goal to serve the public at the highest judicial level and lives her commitment to bettering the lives of others through her trial work. “I take the extra time to offer emotional support to a client, to guide them through their case proceedings, and to secure the best possible compensation for them. While working in their best interests is paramount, I am also working toward my goal.”

Nora has been an active member of the Chaldean Community Foundation (CCF) and the Chaldean Cultural Center Museum since 2018. Serving on the board of both organizations, she is most inspired by her work for CCF’s Breaking Barriers campaign, a program that provides assistance and advocacy to more than 4,000 disabled individuals and their caretakers annually. Many of Nora’s clients have suffered life changing disabilities as a result of car crashes, so her charitable efforts naturally mirror her work as a trial attorney. Deeply passionate about expanding access to justice, Nora is a keen advocate of educating the public about the rights she vehemently protects. She also sits on the Executive Board of the Michigan Association for Justice, and serves a member of the West Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce.

The mother of two young boys, she lives in West Bloomfield with her husband, Justin. While much of their time is spent making memories with their large, extended families.  Nora and her husband are also serial hobbyists. From coffee tours and art collecting to visiting Detroit’s newest restaurants and staycationing across Michigan, they are always up for trying something new.