Practice Area Category: Truck Accident

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Back Surgery for Truck Driver

A 60-year-old long-haul truck driver was rear-ended by another trucker, leaving him with a herniated disc in his back, requiring surgery. We took the case to trial and the jury awarded $1.1 million in damages. (Pittman v Lattimore)

Amputee Recovers from Dishonest Trucking Company

A special education teacher lost her leg when she was rear-ended by a trucker. We proved that the driver was over-worked and had a poor record. The trucking company tried to hide its assets by selling them off. We aggressively pursued the company’s assets, going well beyond the available insurance, and forced the truck’s owner to pay from his own pocket. Ultimately, on the day the trial started, the trucking company and its owner relented paying her multiple millions of dollars. (Mote v Willis, et al).