West Bloomfield Wrongful Death Lawyer

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West Bloomfield Wrongful Death Lawyer

If your loved one died because of someone else’s negligence, our West Bloomfield, Michigan, legal team is here for you. We help families recover compensation after a wrongful death. We approach every case like it is going to trial, gathering robust evidence, and telling our client’s story to the insurance companies or the judge and jury when necessary.

Speak to a West Bloomfield personal injury lawyer at Christensen Law about your loved one’s death and how to hold the at-fault party responsible. We provide free consultations and will discuss your story and how this has affected your family with you during this initial meeting. Dial our number to connect with our West Bloomfield team.

What Damages Will a West Bloomfield Wrongful Death Lawyer Seek for My Family?

When we handle a wrongful death case in West Bloomfield, we are seeking fair compensation for the surviving family members of the accident victim. This could include their spouse, children, parents, siblings, grandparents, or other heirs.

Our skilled attorneys fight for justice in these cases, making sure you get a payout and hold the liable parties accountable. We identify the expenses and losses—both financial and intangible—that the family experienced and pursue damages based on the documentation we collect. Some damages possible in these cases include:

Economic Damages

Economic damages are the current and future financial costs a family experiences due to the injury and death of their loved one. Some of the most commonly recoverable expenses and losses in these cases include:

  • Medical expenses for the victim’s care following the accident
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Loss of services previously provided by the victim
  • Loss of benefits and inheritance
  • Loss of financial support, current and future

Noneconomic Damages

These are the intangible losses endured by victims and their families following a West Bloomfield accident with fatal injuries. They include:

  • Conscious pain and suffering after the accident but before death
  • Loss of companionship provided by the victim
  • Loss of parental services and guidance for children of the victim

Exemplary Damages

If your loved one died from malice or extreme negligence, Michigan law may allow you to recover exemplary damages. These differ from punitive damages because they do not penalize the at-fault party. Instead, they allow those with significant damages to recover money beyond the compensatory damages available to them.

Showing you deserve exemplary damages is difficult, and this type of award is rare in personal injury lawsuits, including wrongful death actions.

Choose a Christensen Law Attorney for Your West Bloomfield Wrongful Death Case

Christensen Law represents families who lost a loved one in a catastrophic personal injury accident. This commonly occurs in auto accidents, but we handle a wide range of case types. If this happened to you and your family, we are here to protect you and secure your future.

Our attorneys want to tell your loved one’s story. We will listen to you, aiming to understand what you are going through, what you need from us, and how we can help you. We will put your family’s needs first, fighting for the compensation you need. We want to help you get justice.

Since 1991, we have advocated for our client’s best interests, securing multi-million dollar awards and settlements. We can help you pursue a fair payout and stable future for your family. We charge no upfront fees and only get paid if we win your case. Find out more during a free consultation with our team when you call us today.

Our West Bloomfield Wrongful Death Attorneys Handle Many Types of Accident Cases

In almost any way that supports a personal injury case, a victim could pass away from their injuries. When this occurs, the surviving family members or heirs likely have a wrongful death case.

Some of the most common ways our clients lost family members include:

  • Traffic Accident: This includes auto accidents, motorcycle crashes, truck collisions, pedestrian vs. car accidents, and more
  • Premises Liability: When someone suffers injuries on another party’s property, such as slips, trips, stair falls, and other similar accidents, pool incidents, and construction accident injuries
  • Nursing Home Abuse: When residents in nursing homes endure abuse or neglect
  • Dog Bites: The owner is often legally responsible when a dog injures someone in an attack or bite incident.

Our West Bloomfield team has the experience, skill, resources, and reputation to build a convincing argument to recover compensation and win the case for our clients. We understand how these different cases work and what we must do to prove what happened, who is liable, and how much our clients deserve to recover in financial compensation.

We know getting a check from an insurance company or liable party will not bring your loved one back, ease your grief, or make the emotional toll you’ve paid any easier. However, it could provide financial stability in the future and allow you the space to worry only about your emotional wounds and not the financial stress their death brought.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Case in Michigan?

Under Michigan law, only the victim’s personal representative files a wrongful death lawsuit. This is who we will work closely with to develop the case, provide regular updates, and navigate the claims process. If you are unsure who the personal representative is, we will help you.

The personal representative of a victim is also known as the executor of the estate or estate administrator. They are either named in the will or estate plan or assigned this task by the courts following the individual’s death. It is often a spouse or parent, but could be another trusted friend, relative, or another party.

The personal representative is legally tasked with managing assets and liabilities after the victim passes away. This is why they also represent all surviving family members and heirs in the wrongful death case.

Let a West Bloomfield Wrongful Death Lawyer Build Your Family’s Case

At Christensen Law, our attorneys know how wrongful death cases work. We investigate what occurred, identify the liable party, and take action to ensure they are held responsible to recover maximum compensation based on the evidence. We begin this process by speaking with you and your family, learning as much as possible about your story, including your loved one’s death and how it’s affected your family.

We also identify, preserve, and analyze evidence to support your claim. This often includes:

  • Official reports related to the accident, such as accident reports or incident reports compiled by investigating agencies
  • Video of the incident
  • Eyewitness statements
  • Medical and autopsy records as necessary
  • Expert medical, economic, and industry testimony
  • Documentation of expenses and losses

We organize this evidence into a clear and compelling case to show the insurance company that its policyholder is legally responsible for the victim’s accident, injuries, and wrongful death. This often allows us to demand fair compensation for your family and negotiate a settlement.

If necessary, we will litigate the case and ask the judge or jury to provide a fair payout. We will not settle a case just to avoid going to trial or using firm resources. We will fight for the maximum compensation available for your family.

Our Attorneys Will Protect Your Family’s Rights in a West Bloomfield Wrongful Death Case

As soon as you call us about your loved one’s death, we will begin protecting your family’s right to justice. We manage all communication with the insurance carriers, preserve time-sensitive evidence, and ensure we understand the applicable timeline in the case.

Insurance companies prefer to close these cases quickly before families recognize how much their case might be worth. Sometimes, they offer lowball settlement offers within days or weeks of a wrongful death. With our lawyers managing your case, you will not have to worry about falling for their tricks. We will protect your rights, build your case, and employ a solid strategy to recover the money your family deserves.

Generally, Michigan Compiled Laws § 600.5805 gives us up to three years to file the paperwork to begin a wrongful death lawsuit. However, exceptions exist, and you could have less time. Speaking to our team as soon as possible after your loved one’s death ensures you do not lose the right to sue based on their accident, injuries, and death.

Talk to Our Team About Your West Bloomfield Wrongful Death Case Today

Christensen Law will review your case for free. We provide complimentary consultations for families who lost loved ones in a West Bloomfield accident. We will discuss the details of what happened and who might be responsible with you, assessing your legal options. We will also help you identify who will file a wrongful death action on behalf of your family.

Use our online contact form or dial our number to connect with our team today for free. We never charge upfront costs to represent families filing a wrongful death claim in Michigan.