West Bloomfield Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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West Bloomfield Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Owning a motorcycle is a big responsibility, but it is also a lot of fun. You have every right to enjoy riding your bike and to expect a safe experience whenever you hit the road. If someone else deprived you of that right by causing an accident, our lawyer serving West Bloomfield is here to help.

Call us today and let Christensen Law assess your case at no cost or obligation. Our West Bloomfield motorcycle accident lawyers will fight to get you enough compensation to cover all your bills and give you a better chance of finding a way forward after such a devastating injury.

Motorcycle Accident Compensation Is Available in West Bloomfield

Under Mich. Comp. Laws Ann. § 600.5805, you have the right to pursue monetary compensation from whoever caused your motorcycle collision. This right expires after three years, so it is in your best interest to get started immediately.

Among the types of damages we help clients recover are reimbursement for the following:

  • All medical expenses, including money already spent and money you will likely need to spend in the future for long-term or chronic injuries
  • The wages and job benefits you lost when you took time away from work
  • The loss of any and all future employment opportunities, including raises and promotions
  • The physical pain inflicted by your injuries
  • The emotional pain of the injuries themselves, of having experienced such a terrifying event, and of having to live with the consequences of the accident
  • The loss of your quality of life, as exemplified by being unable to take care of yourself or to participate in favorite hobbies or activities

Our personal injury lawyers will ensure every expense and loss is accounted for when they take on your case.

Seeking Compensation for Fatal Motorcycle Collisions

If the unimaginable has happened and your loved one passed away because of a traffic accident, please accept our condolences. Know that our firm will assist you in filing a wrongful death lawsuit and seeking damages like:

  • Any personal injury damages that your loved one could have qualified for but did not have time to recover on their own behalf
  • The loss of your loved one’s income
  • The loss of your loved one’s presence and all of the benefits you enjoyed by having them around
  • The cost of settling the deceased’s estate or planning their burial

How to Make Your Motorcycle Accident Case Go More Smoothly

What you do after a motorcycle crash has a big impact on how your legal case goes. For example:

  • Call 911. This will bring much-needed help to your location right away. It will also establish a clear record of your accident with the local police and with the EMTs.
  • Did you go to the hospital or see a doctor yet? The sooner you seek medical care, the easier it is to connect your injuries to the crash—and the faster you can get relief from the pain of your injuries and address concerns that might worsen without care.
  • It is vital that you tell us everything you know about the accident. We are here to listen to your story and to come up with the right strategy based on what you tell us.
  • If possible, take photos of your injuries, your bike, and the scene of the crash. Knowing what the environment looked like immediately after the accident can provide us with invaluable evidence.
  • If you could not or did not take photos or collect evidence before leaving the scene, that is okay too. There are plenty of other sources of evidence that we can turn to as we build your case.

What Our Lawyers Can Do After a West Bloomfield Motorcycle Accident

You know you deserve compensation but getting that money—and making sure you receive a fair amount—can quickly get complicated. Your payout might depend on:

  • Who owns the motorcycle you were riding
  • If the motorcycle has insurance
  • If the other driver has insurance
  • What your injuries are
  • Whether or not the insurer decides to cooperate with your case

Christensen Law Helps Bikers in West Bloomfield

We realize that answering all of these questions and dealing with the challenges of a lawsuit is too much to ask of someone who has just sustained a sudden, life-altering injury. That is why our firm exists.

Some members of our team are riders as well, so we know all about the joys and risks of owning a bike. We will use this knowledge and our legal experience to create a compelling case supported by evidence and expert testimonies in order to get you the money you need.

Calculate Your Motorcycle Accident Case’s Worth

To figure out how much you should sue for, Christensen Law will start by asking you about your experiences and losses. Then we:

  • Request copies of relevant documents, such as medical bills, doctors’ reports, tax filings, and employer statements
  • Use legal formulas to assign an appropriate monetary value to non-monetary losses, such as pain and suffering
  • Estimate the worth of projected future losses by looking at your pre-accident career trajectory and talking with experts in various fields about the likely future impact of your injuries

Deal with the Challenges of Pursuing Compensation in West Bloomfield

Under MCL 500.3101 (3)(i)(i), motorcycles are not legally considered motor vehicles in the state of Michigan. Insurers sometimes use this fact as an excuse to deny payment.

Even if they do not try this specific tactic, insurance companies are notorious for putting their bottom line ahead of bikers’ needs. Christensen Law is used to dealing with these companies and protects clients by:

  • Speaking to the insurer on your behalf
  • Preparing the strongest possible defense against any allegations or counterclaims the insurer makes
  • Informing you in advance of tactics the insurer might try so that you are prepared for whatever happens next

Fight Hard for Motorcycle Accident Compensation

It is usually cheaper and easier for everyone to settle personal injury cases out of court. This means you could receive a pretrial settlement without first having to go through a trial.

That said, our West Bloomfield motorcycle accident lawyer is always ready to go to court for clients. Even as we do our utmost to secure a settlement, we assume that every case will end up in the courtroom and act accordingly. This way, we are prepared to take action swiftly, no matter how your case goes.

Christensen Law Morotycle Accident Clients Recognize Our Efforts

We have received many positive Google reviews from motorcycle accident clients who appreciate our attentive service and compassionate representation:

  • “After my motorcycle accident I was completely lost on what to do. They helped get all my bills paid.” – Donald Dupree
  • “I was very reluctant to contact an attorney after my motorcycle accident. I was referred to Christensen Law and I’m so glad that I was. Mr. Tom made sure that my treatment was paid for and I’m set to get by for a little while.” – Jordan Cushingberry
  • “If you have been in a motorcycle accident and don’t know where to turn for a knowledgeable legal team, Christensen Law truly cares and is there to help every step of the way.” – Adam Nael

Let us provide you with the same level of compassion, care, and expertise. Call us now to get started with a free consultation.

Who Caused Your West Bloomfield Motorcycle Crash?

This is a critical question for anyone seeking compensation. Just like we seek evidence to prove your case’s value, we also build up casefiles against the party or parties responsible for your losses. For example:

  • If anyone was ticketed, we will contact the police to get a copy of the ticket and any other evidence they have collected or reports they have made.
  • If witnesses were present at the scene, we will interview them about what they saw and what their impressions of the accident are.
  • If any part of the accident was caught on camera—for example, a witness’s cell phone camera or a nearby traffic camera—we will request and review that footage.

Are Bikers Always Responsible for Motorcycle Accidents?

There is a persistent idea that bikers are irresponsible and cause a high level of accidents. This is untrue and, frankly, it is an insult to the many cautious riders who have been victimized by a driver’s failure to keep an eye out for motorcycles or to give bikers adequate room to maneuver.

While reckless bikers certainly exist and do cause accidents, the reality is that drivers are much more dangerous to bikers than vice versa. This is because:

  • Bikes, while wonderful to ride, offer minimal protection in the event of an accident.
  • Motorcycles are smaller than cars, so they tend to get the worst of it when involved in a collision with a larger vehicle.
  • Since motorcycles are so much smaller than other vehicles, drivers of cars and trucks often forget to watch for them. As a result, many bikers sustain preventable injuries because of a negligent driver.

In some cases, one party’s recklessness causes a collision. In others, multiple parties contribute to a rider’s suffering. No matter what happened in your case, Christensen Law will work hard to get to the bottom of things and attain justice for your family.

West Bloomfield Bikers Can Rely on Christensen Law

A West Bloomfield motorcycle accident lawyer from our firm will fight hard to protect your rights and your family’s future. Call Christensen Law as soon as possible to begin your case with a free evaluation.