West Bloomfield Car Accident Lawyer

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West Bloomfield Car Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one were injured in a car accident, the team at Christensen Law is here for you. Our personal injury lawyers serving West Bloomfield are eager to confront the at-fault party and compel their insurer to pay for all of the damages your family has suffered.

A West Bloomfield car accident lawyer from our firm makes it easier for clients to pursue compensation by performing all of the hard work while you focus on feeling better. Call us today to find out more at no charge. We are available all day, every day, to assess your case.

Christensen Law Seeks Justice for All West Bloomfield Clients

If you are at the point where you have to think about hiring a West Bloomfield car accident lawyer, it is likely that you are dealing with severe injuries and losses.

Our firm understands that what you deserve most right now is a professional yet sympathetic ear to listen to your story. When you contact us, we will:

  • Pay close attention to everything you have to tell us
  • Make you feel safe, listened to, and empowered to make the right decision
  • Explain everything you need to know, including the pros and cons of every potential path to receiving compensation

Investigating Your Car Crash Injuries

The best way to fight your case is by collecting as much evidence as possible and then using that evidence to pressure the insurance company to pay a fair settlement. This is necessary because insurers will otherwise put their own profits ahead of the needs of car accident survivors.

Christensen Law protects people like you from big insurance companies by collecting evidence like:

  • Traffic camera footage that shows the accident itself or the events that led up to it
  • Statements from you, the at-fault party, witnesses to the crash, and subject matter experts
  • Any paperwork that may shed light on the matter, such as medical bills and police reports

Fighting for Your West Bloomfield Family

Even if the car accident seems “minor” and resulted in no permanent damage, you should not have to pay for your injuries by yourself. Someone else’s negligence caused you unnecessary, preventable pain, and we seek justice for people like you by:

  • Speaking with the liable party and their insurer so you do not need to have direct contact with them
  • Handling all legal tasks, big and small, from evaluating a settlement offer to making sure all of the necessary paperwork gets filed on time
  • Refusing to give in if and when the insurance company resists paying a fair settlement
  • Using the evidence we have collected to prove your case’s worth and the at-fault party’s liability
  • Pushing back if and when the insurer tries to undermine your case in any way, such as blaming you for the collision or claiming your injuries were caused by some other event
  • Drafting the settlement agreement, once we reach such an agreement with the insurer
  • Going through the settlement agreement with you so you understand every provision it contains and get the chance to ask questions about it before signing

Sparing No Resources to Protect Car Accident Survivors

You can count on Christensen Law to do absolutely everything in our power to achieve the outcome you deserve. Whether we have to spend long hours at the negotiating table or represent you in the courtroom, we are willing and able to do so.

Call us now to learn more about how our car accident attorney helps clients in West Bloomfield and throughout Michigan. The initial review will not cost you anything, and we defer lawyer’s fees until you get your money.

No Matter How Serious Your Car Accident Injuries, We Can Help

Car accidents in West Bloomfield can leave you grappling with injuries that range from temporary inconveniences to permanent disabilities. Christensen Law accepts cases of all kinds, including those that involve:

  • Catastrophic injuries, such as amputations and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Permanent disabilities, such as chronic nerve damage or back pain
  • Psychological injuries, such as new or worsened symptoms of mental illness
  • The wrongful death of a loved one who suffered fatal car accident injuries

We Will Determine What You Can Get for Your Car Crash Injuries

There is a broad range of damages available to people harmed in auto collisions. After assessing your situation and collecting evidence for your casefile, we will determine how much you can get for damages like:

  • Pain and suffering: The emotional and physical pain of your injuries can have a devastating impact on your ability to live a happy, healthy life. The crash itself, independent of the resulting injuries, may also be traumatizing and entitle you to compensation.
  • Disability: There are many kinds of disabling injuries, and they can be temporary or even permanent. All may qualify you for damages.
  • Reduced quality of life: The injuries you sustained have affected all areas of your life, including your ability to spend time with loved ones, to live independently, and to take part in certain activities.
  • Loss of wages: Being injured usually means having to miss work both because your injuries need time to heal and because you are unable to fulfill your regular tasks. This loss of salary can be frightening and frustrating for you and your dependents.
  • Loss of employment: Sometimes, an accident survivor loses more than a few weeks’ or months’ worth of income. They might get fired or be unable to carry out their normal job duties ever again.
  • Medical expenses: The more severe your injuries, the more you may have to spend to receive an accurate diagnosis, address symptoms, and get as close to normal as you can.

How Much Should Car Accident Survivors in West Bloomfield Ask for?

The answer to this question depends on your circumstances. For example, a person who broke their arm might end up asking for less than someone whose arm was amputated. Similarly, two people who both missed a month of work may qualify for differing amounts in lost wages, depending on how much their salaries are.

The best way to find out how much to ask for in your case is by allowing us to quantify your injuries and calculate an appropriate number.

What if the Insurer Offers a Car Accident Settlement?

Be very careful if an insurance company representative comes to you with a settlement offer. The money they offer could very well be:

  • Insufficient to cover your expenses
  • Designed to end your case quickly, regardless of your own needs and goals
  • Part of an attempt to manipulate you (e.g., if the representative says you will never get compensation if you reject the current offer)

You do not have to settle for such self-serving, inappropriate offers. Christensen Law protects clients by dealing with the insurer on their behalf.

Michigan Law and West Bloomfield Auto Collision Cases

If you want to pursue a car accident lawsuit in Michigan, there are several laws on the books that will influence your case. We are familiar with all of these laws and help clients better understand what they mean in practical terms. That includes educating you about:

Changes in Car Insurance Laws

The State of Michigan reduced the amount of car insurance that drivers have to purchase in 2020. The amount of insurance you have can play a large role in your case, including:

  • How much money you get from your own policy through a No-Fault claim
  • How much you should ask the at-fault party to cover
  • What kinds of damages you get compensation for
  • Your ability to collect compensation in cases where the driver is uninsured or cannot be found (e.g., cases involving a hit and run driver)

The Statute of Limitations for Car Accident Cases

Per Mich. Comp. Laws Ann. § 600.5805, you have three years to begin your case. We want you to get every penny you deserve, so we urge you to act now to protect your rights.

This law applies to both personal injury and wrongful death cases. Personal injury survivors have three years from the day they were injured, while the families of wrongful death victims have three years from the day of death.

Comparative Negligence in West Bloomfield, Michigan

Mich. Comp. Laws Ann. § 600.2959 places another restriction on those seeking a car crash settlement. If the court decides you are partly to blame for the collision, it will reduce the amount of compensation you can receive. The other party may use this law to blame you for some portion of the accident and reduce how much you may be eligible to receive. We will push back against this and make sure we fight for what you are owed.

The laws discussed here may sound intimidating, but Christensen Law would be happy to explain them all to you. We are proud to guide our clients through every step of the legal process, enabling them to avoid needless complications and stay focused on getting their lives back.

Let Our West Bloomfield Car Crash Team Help Your Family

Christensen Law has been protecting car accident survivors like you from aggressive insurance companies since 1991. To find out how our lawyers will handle your West Bloomfield case, call our number to get a free case review today. We seek true justice for every client so that no one has to settle for less.