Under-Insured Motorist Insurance

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Despite a law requiring every driver to maintain no-fault auto insurance, Michigan has one of the highest numbers of uninsured motorists in the state. That’s why it’s a good idea for you to add an Under-Insured Motorist Insurance policy to your auto insurance package.

Uninsured motorists are running a big risk if they get into a serious injury accident. That’s because they won’t be able to recover any no-fault benefits and will be on their own to pay for all of their medical expenses.

But an uninsured motorist puts you at risk too. Any savings they might have will probably be used to pay for their own injuries long before you have a chance to sue them for your Third Party damages, like disability, long-term unemployment, pain, and suffering. That could leave you out of luck when you try to collect on your judgment.

How Under-Insured Motorist Insurance Works

But by using an under-insured motorist insurance policy, you make sure you are covered even when the other driver falls down on their responsibilities. If the at-fault driver doesn’t have the insurance (or the savings account) to cover your damages, then your own insurance agency will step in and make sure your needs are taken care of.

An under-insured motorist insurance policy is priced based on the amount it will pay per person and per accident. When you are choosing your insurance policy, you will need to decide how much of a risk you are willing to take. The higher cost policies will pay you more if you are seriously injured in a car crash.

Your under-insured motorist policy is also helpful if you get into a hit and run accident. If the at-fault driver drives off before the emergency responders can get to you, you may not even know who it was who hit you. Even if you catch the make and model of the car, it may be hard for the police or private investigators to track them down.

Since you can’t sue someone you can’t identify, you would ordinarily be left holding the bill for your own third party damages. But just like when you are hit by an uninsured motorist, your under-insured motorist insurance policy will make sure your damages are covered. You won’t need to worry about proving the driver’s liability because your case will be based on your contract with your own insurer.

When you get hit by an uninsured motorist or a hit and run driver, you might be stuck with some or all of your Third Party damages. If the idea of being unable to collect because your at-fault driver is too poor, or too elusive to sue successfully doesn’t sit well with you, talk to your auto insurance provider about adding an under-insured motorist policy. Then when a serious accident does happen, your auto accident attorneys at Christensen Law will help you file a claim and make sure your damages are paid for.