How to Calculate a Car Accident Settlement in Michigan

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You just got into a friend’s car. They’re taking you home from a Michigan hospital because you no longer have a car. Your car was destroyed in a vehicle accident caused by someone else. Safely in your lap is a stack of medical bills. The doctor put a smiley face sticker on one of the bills to cheer you up. It’s not working.

You have a headache from your head injury. Your broken arm hurts. Now you’re stressing about how you will overcome this accident. You need financial help, so you need to learn how to calculate a car accident settlement in Michigan.

Calculating Your Car Accident Settlement

Math may not have been your top subject in school, but that doesn’t mean you can’t calculate a car accident settlement. Better yet, you can have a lawyer (who knows what they’re doing) do it for you. To understand the basic process, the steps to calculating a car accident claim are here below.

Gather Your Documents

The first thing you need to do when calculating a car accident claim is gather up all of your documents. You already have that stack of medical bills, so now you need documentation of your other financial losses. Lost income, vehicle repair or replacement costs, and transportation expenses can be included. You can even include future financial losses in your calculations.

Add Them Up

Once you have all of these documents, add them up. That will give you the settlement amount for your financial losses.

Non-Financial Losses

Next are non-financial losses. These are more difficult to calculate, as you will need to put a price tag on your pain and suffering. Your lawyer can help you figure out fair value for your non-financial losses if no value comes readily to mind.

Get in Touch with a Car Accident Lawyer in Michigan

Now you have the basic steps as to how to calculate a car accident settlement in Michigan. Call a Michigan car accident lawyer for help calculating your settlement and filing a car accident claim. Christensen Law can be reached by dialing or you send in the online form below. You get a free case consultation for reaching out to our firm.