Top Mistakes After a Car Accident and How to Avoid Them

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Giving Too Much Information to the Insurance Company

Even if you’ve never been in a car accident, you may already have a sense of what you should do after a crash. Check for injuries and call an ambulance if necessary. Call the police. Collect and exchange names and telephone numbers, license and registration information, and insurance company information. You may even think to take photos of the damages, the surrounding area, and get the names of witnesses.

However, there are also things you shouldn’t do following a wreck. Certain mistakes could hurt your injury claim and make it challenging to pursue the full compensation you’re due. To protect your health and preserve your right to financial recovery, learn about the top mistakes to avoid after a car accident.

Underestimating Your injuries

While some injuries may be immediately obvious after a car accident, others may appear minor at first, only to worsen over time. You may have suffered a concussion or a traumatic brain injury, for example, and not realize the severity of it right away. Without early assessment and treatment of your injuries, you are putting your health at risk.

If emergency medical technicians arrive at the accident scene, ask them to examine you. If medical assistance is not available at the accident scene, go to urgent care or see your doctor as soon as you can. Waiting to seek treatment may not only jeopardize your health, it may hurt your case for compensation. Insurance adjusters will try to fault you for not seeking medical attention, arguing your injuries may not be as serious as you claim.

Never underestimate or downplay your injuries.

Not Gathering or Saving Evidence

Any photos, videos, and other information you gathered at the scene of the accident, such as witness details, will provide valuable evidence for your case. If you were taken away from the scene by an ambulance, your attorneys can return to the accident scene to take photos. They will also work to collect additional evidence, such as witness statements, surveillance video footage, and cellphone records.

Record any details about your doctors’ visits, medical treatment, and details for any prescriptions or other medical devices you were advised to use. Save all receipts and invoices related to your crash. Also, save any communication from healthcare providers and insurance companies.

Giving Too Much Information to the Insurance Company

Always remember, the insurance company that represents the other driver involved in your car accident is not your friend, nor are they trying to get you the best settlement they can. Their adjuster is attempting to settle your claim for the least amount of money possible. One way they do that is by getting you to provide the information they can use against you. Don’t put your claim at risk. Let the attorneys at Christensen Law talk to the insurance company on your behalf.

Agreeing to a Quick Settlement

Just as it can be a mistake to give too much information to the insurance company representing the at-fault driver, it can be an even bigger mistake to agree to a quick settlement. It can be difficult to calculate how much your claim is really worth while you’re still recovering. Quick settlements rarely provide you with the amount you deserve, nor do they include coverage for future medical expenses, payments for lost earning capacity, or future pain and suffering.

Talking About Your Claim on Social Media

Talking about your car accident case on social media is tempting. But it’s an important mistake to avoid. Insurance adjusters will monitor social media accounts in hopes that claimants will post information that can be against them, such as photos of accident victims looking healthy and happy at a family gathering. Looks can be deceiving, but they may use any information they can find to diminish your claim.

Waiting Too Long to Act

Avoid the mistake of waiting too long to file an injury claim or lawsuit for your accident. In Michigan, you generally have three years to file a car accident injury lawsuit, but there is no reason to wait. If you’ve been involved in a car accident in Michigan, you should talk to the attorneys at Christensen Law as soon as you can. The earlier the legal process gets started, the easier it is to preserve valuable evidence and craft a strong claim.

Contact Christensen Law for Help with Your Car Accident

Our car accident lawyers at Christensen Law will give you sensible legal advice to help you seek fair compensation for your expenses and losses. We’ll uphold your rights and guide you through every step of the legal process to ensure you don’t make mistakes that could hurt your claim. Call us or contact us online today for a free consultation.