Coaching and Technology May Improve Truck Driver Safety

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Technology and Coaching May Improve Truck Driver Safety - Christensen Law - Michigan Truck Accident Lawyer

Trucking companies are finding that new monitoring devices, coupled with enhanced coaching, are improving the safety records of their truck drivers. Researchers from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute and other firms have been helping trucking companies make sense of the data and use the findings to improve driver safety.

Companies are able to monitor truckers using information collected from onboard technology and other software to determine the frequency of unsafe driving behaviors, such as hard braking and speeding. Identifying patterns can help fleet managers know who needs coaching, with the goal of reducing the number of truck accidents on U.S. roadways.

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What Is Coaching and Monitoring in Trucking?

Many of the technologies installed in new automobiles are also available for large commercial trucks. They’re paired with software that records pertinent data and reports it. Installing these tools reduces the incidence of crashes and risky driving. But that step alone is not enough, cautions the Claims Journal, the online newsletter of the insurance claims industry.

Coaching systems for truckers are equally important. More than a one-off talk about an isolated incident, safety needs to be a continuous conversation and requires observation. In addition, some companies create scorecards that track several key metrics and award a $500 monthly payout to drivers who meet or exceed safety standards, according to Fleet Owner magazine.

What Types of Technology Can Improve Trucker Safety?

Technologies such as in-cab videos, lane departure warning systems, stability controls, speed monitoring systems and other truck safety tools are important advances that can save lives. They help prevent habits such as swerving, weaving and speeding. Navigation equipment also promotes safety. After all, a lost driver is a frustrated driver, which can turn into an aggressive or dangerous driver.

In recent years, trucking companies have signed on to predictive analytics, one of many statistical tools that uses current and historical information to predict the future. It can even estimate when a trucker is likely to have a crash.

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