Sterling Heights Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

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Sterling Heights Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Pedestrian accidents cause devastating and deadly injuries. Victims are no match for the force of a vehicle, and the physical harm they sustain can be life-altering. If a negligent driver hurts you or your loved one, you deserve compensation, and Christensen Law can help.

Our compassionate Sterling Heights personal injury lawyers will draw from their years of legal experience as they guide you through securing damages with an insurance claim or lawsuit after a pedestrian accident. We handle your case so you can focus on your recovery or caring for your injured loved one.

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Our Sterling Heights Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Will Demand Your Full Compensation

When a car strikes a person, nothing can protect them from the impact. The resulting injuries can be severe and lead to significant medical expenses, long-term medical needs, and changes to the victim’s way of life.

If a motor vehicle hit you or your loved one, you should not have to suffer further because of the resulting financial damages. You have options for recovering your losses. Our Sterling Heights personal injury attorneys will help you explore the following avenues for securing pedestrian accident compensation:

  • A No-Fault Insurance Claim. Michigan is a No-Fault insurance state, meaning injured parties must first turn to their personal injury protection (PIP) insurance for car accident damages after a collision, regardless of who is liable for the crash. Your No-Fault policy also covers you if you are the victim of a pedestrian accident involving a vehicle. Our car accident attorneys serving the Sterling Heights community will prepare and file your PIP claims and fight for every cent possible under your policy’s limits.
  • Benefits through the Michigan Assigned Claims Plan (MACP). If you do not own a vehicle, you likely do not have No-Fault insurance. If you do not carry coverage (and have no coverage under anyone else in your household), you can seek PIP damages through the MACP. If you qualify for benefits, the program will match you with a participating insurance provider. We will oversee your MACP claim and seek for you to recover fair awards.
  • A liability insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. If you have severe or catastrophic injuries and medical expenses that exceed your PIP coverage, our Sterling Heights pedestrian accident attorneys will pursue compensation from an at-fault driver with a liability insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit.

We Advocate for Sterling Height Pedestrian Accident Victims and Fight for Their Financial Recovery

At Christensen Law, we genuinely care about the result of your case and about you as an individual. We know you and your family are going through a difficult time, and we want to do everything we can to ease your burden. Before we start working on your recovery, we will listen to you so that we can address your individual needs and ensure you feel comfortable about the direction of your case and the service you receive.

Our law firm will manage the following tasks on your behalf:

  • Drafting and filing claims paperwork and lawsuits
  • Communicating with involved parties for you
  • Managing and adhering to insurance and legal deadlines
  • Investigating the Sterling Heights accident to determine what happened
  • Establishing your right to step outside Michigan’s No-Fault insurance system
  • Collecting evidence and proving driver negligence
  • Negotiating for the maximum compensation possible
  • Representing you at trial if necessary

Recoverable Damages in a Sterling Heights Pedestrian Accident Claim or Lawsuit

Every pedestrian accident case is different, and the compensation you recover will depend on several unique factors, including the severity of your injuries, the cost of your treatment, and your options for financial recovery.

What Are No-Fault Benefits for Pedestrians in Michigan?

PIP benefits pay for your medical expenses. Covered treatment includes hospital and doctor fees, emergency services and transportation, surgeries, follow-up care, medications, medical equipment, and any other reasonable and necessary accident-related medical care.

No-Fault insurance will also pay for part of your lost wages (usually around two-thirds of your regular income) and replacement services. If your loved one suffered a fatal pedestrian accident injury, No-Fault provides death benefits.

What Can You Recover With a Liability Claim or Injury Lawsuit?

A liability insurance claim or personal injury against an at-fault party allows you to collect damages not covered by No-Fault insurance. Our pedestrian accident lawyers serving Sterling Heights, MI, will help you seek compensation for the following:

  • Medical expenses exceeding your PIP (or treatment not covered by your insurance)
  • The total value of your lost wages (not just a percentage)
  • Loss of your future earning potential
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental and emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Wrongful death, including compensation for the deceased’s pain and suffering and loss of your loved one’s services, support, and companionship

We aim to get the financial awards you need to get back on your feet, not to reach a hasty settlement that does not satisfy your losses. We prepare every claim for court and have taken hundreds of cases to trial. We remain steadfast in getting you the financial recovery you deserve.

What Is the Statute of Limitations for Michigan Pedestrian Accident Cases?

You have a set time to pursue pedestrian accident compensation in Michigan. According to Michigan Compiled Laws § 500.3145, you have one year to sue for No-Fault benefits. Under Michigan Compiled Laws § 600.5805, you have three years to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

Our personal injury lawyers will do everything possible to secure an advantageous pedestrian accident settlement. However, if we cannot get fair compensation from the insurance companies, we must take action before the statutes of limitations expire. Failing to do so could leave you with a denied claim or lowball settlement and no legal leverage.

Acting quickly also allows us to get to work immediately to collect evidence and begin building a case proving your right to financial damages.

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