Sterling Heights Bicycle Accident Lawyer

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Sterling Heights Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bicyclists often suffer severe physical injuries hit by motor vehicle drivers. Psychological and emotional problems, including depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) often accompany physical injuries.

If you or a loved one is in this situation, a Sterling Heights personal injury lawyer from Christensen Law will seek fair compensation for medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages from your bicycle accident. Call Christensen Law today at 248-900-9000 for a free consultation about hiring a bicycle accident lawyer from our team.

Why Bicycle Accident Victims in Sterling Heights Hire Christensen Law

Bicycle accident victims are often in pain after an accident. Injuries limit their mobility, making them unable to work or handle the demands of their claim or lawsuit. This is where Christensen Law provides relief—we will lead your compensation case against a negligent driver so you can focus on recovery. You won’t have to worry about the legal process because we will take care of everything for you.

Victims of bicycle accidents in Sterling Heights hire their lawyer from Christensen Law to handle their accident claims because:

  • We offer decades of experience winning for Michiganders: Since 1991, Christensen Law has been the voice of the unheard. Bicycle accident victims and other clients have turned to us when they need justice, and we have delivered professional legal representation for more than three decades.
  • Our team prepares every case for trial: When we accept your personal injury case, we will do everything possible to settle for a fair amount. However, insurers and other liable parties don’t always offer fair settlements. Therefore, we prepare each case as if it is headed to trial. We vow never to settle for less compensation than you deserve.
  • Christensen Law’s case results speak for themselves: Our firm’s case results include multimillion-dollar settlements and judgments. We have resolved many personal injury and wrongful death cases, including bicycle accident cases in Sterling Heights.
  • Compassionate representation is our standard: We believe our compassionate, results-oriented client service sets Christensen Law apart. We take the time and care to listen to bicycle accident victims, understand what they’ve lost, and develop a personalized legal strategy that addresses their case’s unique circumstances.

We understand the trauma specific to bicycle accidents. A motorist who hits a biker can cause lifelong damage, so our firm will seek justice for your damages while respecting your recovery.

Hear From Our Former Clients

Client testimonials prove that Christensen Law has a passion for legal service:

  • “I would highly recommend Christensen Law Firm to anyone looking for a personal injury attorney. Their staff is very friendly and easy to work with. They were able to answer all of my questions and concerns, and they always made me feel like they had my best interests at heart!” – Jelly Ann Candido
  • “I had an accident years ago and went through Christensen Law..I highly recommend this firm.” – Jonathan Smarczewski
  • “They were knowledgeable on my situation, responsive and supportive. The staff worked together and were available to answer questions. Most importantly, I felt they were ethical and responsible.” – Wendy Henn

When you hire a bicycle accident lawyer from our team serving Sterling Heights, you receive the full support of Christensen Law. Your attorney, along with our investigators and paralegals, will make your financial recovery their priority.

We Will Seek to Recover All Damages in Your Bicycle Accident Case

Many of the bicycle accident victims we represent have serious injuries. We will seek fair compensation for any damages resulting from your bike accident in Sterling Heights, including:

Medical Expenses

We will include all your accident-related medical expenses in your claim, including:

  • Ambulance care
  • Emergency care
  • Medications
  • Surgery
  • Hospital stays
  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Medical imaging services
  • Rehabilitation
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Medical equipment

The cost of medical expenses tends to increase with the severity of your injuries. Still, even injuries that seem minor may require extensive and costly medical care.

Pain and Suffering

The Christensen Law team works closely with mental health experts, who help us diagnose non-economic psychological injuries related to a bicycle accident or injury:

  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Acute and generalized anxiety
  • Sleep disorders
  • Substance use disorders
  • Other forms of pain and suffering

Your quality of life may suffer after a bike accident, and we will seek fair compensation for your pain and suffering.

Lost Income

Injured bicyclists often miss work after their collision, leading to:

  • Lost wages
  • Diminished earning power
  • Missed opportunities to earn bonuses and promotions
  • Lost benefits
  • Loss of fulfillment from your career
  • Other professional damages

Even once you can work again (if you can work again), you may have difficulty earning as much as you did pre-accident. Our team will consider current and future professional damages, and we’ll include them in your settlement value.

Property Damage

Our accident attorney team will seek fair compensation for:

  • Bicycle repairs or a replacement
  • A damaged cell phone or other personal electronics
  • Clothing and other personal effects ruined in the accident

We will also seek financial compensation covering any temporary transportation you need while your bicycle is out of commission or if you cannot bike due to injuries.

How Our Bicycle Accident Lawyer Serving Sterling Heights Will Serve You

Our team serving Sterling Heights is ready to start your insurance claim or lawsuit today, and we will:

  • Gather all available evidence: Our firm will seek evidence of liable parties’ negligence. We may find that a motorist, municipality, vehicle manufacturer, or other party is responsible for your collision.
  • Document your damages: We’ll consult experts to document all your accident-related damages.
  • Calculate a fair settlement and negotiate with liable parties: Once we have identified and valued your damages, our team can negotiate with the insurance company or another party that owes you compensation.
  • Take your case to trial if we need to: We’ve won many cases at trial, and we’ll work to win your case at trial if we need to. First, we will exhaust all negotiations and seek the settlement you deserve.

We will provide frequent updates, and you’ll always know where your case stands.

Call Us Today for a Free Consultation After a Bicycle Accident in Sterling Heights

Bicycle accidents can cause lasting injuries that take months or years to heal from. If you suffered such injuries because of a party’s negligence, you deserve to recover your damages. Michigan Compiled Laws § 600.5805 generally requires our lawyers to file personal injury and wrongful death cases within three years of an injury or death. We must gather evidence and file your case in Sterling Heights as soon as possible, so don’t wait to speak with our team. If the statute of limitations expires, you risk losing your right to pursue financial recovery with legal action.

Call Christensen Law today at 248-900-9000 for your free consultation.