Should I Call My Insurance Company after a Car Accident in Detroit?

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When you’re injured in a Detroit car accident, knowing what to do in the aftermath isn’t easy. Seeking medical help should be your first line of action. But once you’re recovering from your injuries, you must handle the logistics. Your car insurance company will likely reach out to you after your accident to confirm the details of what happened, even if the accident wasn’t your fault.

Just because your car insurance company asks for a statement doesn’t mean you’re required to file a claim with them. When you didn’t cause your Detroit car accident, it may make sense to file a lawsuit. A Detroit car accident lawyer from Christensen Law can help you gather evidence so you know what steps to take next.

What Car Insurance Offers Often Look Like

When speaking with your car insurance company about your accident, it may assess the details of what happened and used your medical records to determine your settlement amount. It will also use any property damage you experienced to come up with your claim value. What insurance companies won’t consider is your non-economic damages such as pain and suffering or emotional distress.

Your insurance company will likely offer you the least amount of money possible because it has its own finances to worry about. When you hire a car accident lawyer in Detroit, you’ll know they’re fighting for you and your rights. Your attorney will work hard to make the liable party pay for your damages.

Reach Out to a Detroit Car Accident Attorney

Speaking to an experienced attorney before filing an insurance claim will be helpful. That way, you know all of your options. If you’re ready to speak with a Detroit car accident lawyer from Christensen Law about your claim in more detail, you can schedule a free consultation by calling or by filling out the contact form below.