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Royal Oak Car Accident Lawyer

If you were injured due to the negligent actions of another, you could be able to pursue compensation for your losses. Work with a qualified Royal Oak car accident attorney who can help you get the most out of your claim.

A car accident can be devastating. As if the trauma of an auto collision isn’t bad enough, you could also be dealing with serious injuries, which means lost income due to the recovery time away from work. Without being able to earn a living, you’ll likely be burdened by additional stress about your finances, which impacts your emotional well-being.

At Christensen Law, we understand that this time in your life is trying, which is why we’ve dedicated our practice to helping personal injury victims secure the compensation they’re entitled to. You can rest easier knowing that a highly trained Royal Oak car accident lawyer from our firm is ready to fight for what you’re rightfully owed. Call us now to get started with a free consultation.

Determining Blame in Royal Oak Auto Wrecks

In the majority of car accidents, the driver of the other involved vehicle will have played a part in causing the accident. This is often due to irresponsible driving practices, such as distracted driving, operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, driving aggressively, or fatigued driving.

Other times, the other driver was not driving irresponsibly, but caused the accident by some factor that was out of their control. In these situations, your Royal Oak accident attorney would look to the automaker to determine whether the manufacturer acted negligently by installing a faulty part. The Michigan Department of Transportation could even be at fault if a problem with the roads was a factor in the wreck.

You can be sure that your car accident attorney will thoroughly investigate the accident to establish liability for the wreck and any subsequent losses. It will be their job to obtain the evidence necessary to support your case, including police reports, witness statements, expert testimony, video footage, safety inspection reports, and medical documentation.

Christensen Law: Helping Car Accident Victims Since 1991

Picking a car accident lawyer to represent your case is no small task. You’re already going through a lot, and trying to sift through your options seems overwhelming. So many firms just want a payday to advertise with, but we believe in putting the needs of accident victims first.

For over 30 years, we’ve helped Michiganders in Royal Oak and all over the state fight to tell their story and hold negligent parties accountable for their actions. So many of our clients have struggled to make themselves heard against insurers who don’t want to offer a fair payout, and we aim to protect you and fight for your cause.

We make sure to listen to your story and your concerns to make sure we protect you and your right to payment for your losses. Our goal is to win the maximum compensation possible so that you can start to recover from your ordeal as best you can. Our Royal Oak car accident attorneys have extensive resources we can draw on to support your case for just compensation, and they will put them to work for you.

A History of Victories for Auto Accident Victims

We know how crucial this compensation is for you and your family. A settlement or verdict can help with the immense bills and acknowledge the emotional and mental toll this has taken on you. We’ve helped countless people seek money for their harm, and here are some of our results:

  • We were able to get an insurance company to offer a settlement of $3.2 million for a head-on collision accident. Tragically, one of the victims died and the other suffered severe injuries.
  • One gentleman was in a rear-ended accident with a commercial vehicle, and he suffered severe injuries that required that he undergo surgery. Unfortunately, this man passed away from surgery, but we were able to obtain $1.625 million on his behalf for his estate and family.
  • One of our clients was a woman who suffered severe injuries after being hit by a cement truck. The truck driver was distracted and rear-ended our client at 50 miles per hour, leaving her unable to live independently or return to work. Our client was awarded $17.8 million.

While we cannot make any guarantees about the outcome of our case or the amount you could receive, we will dedicate our resources, time, and expertise to your case to fight for damages on your behalf. Our goal is to get you what you need and hold negligent drivers responsible for your losses. Please call us now to get a free consultation with our personal injury team.

What Can a Royal Oak Car Accident Lawyer Do for Crash Victims?

Our personal injury lawyers make it their mission to take on every legal task for our clients. There’s no reason for you to take on the other party by yourself, and we can use our experience and resources to strengthen your claim for damages.

We will handle any communication with insurers so you don’t have to deal with the constant calls and emails—it’s easy to lose track of what’s happening, and you can even put your case at risk if you say the wrong thing. We’ll also evaluate your losses to make sure every expense and damage is accounted for—it’s easy to miss damages and undervalue your claim, so we will take on this responsibility.

Of course, we also negotiate with insurers to find a settlement amount that meets your needs. While the other party may agree to this settlement, it can take a while to get to this point, so we handle every step. Of course, if the defendant does not agree to a settlement, we are absolutely prepared to go to court and fight for what you are owed. Let Christensen Law handle these and other tasks on your behalf today.

Our Royal Oak Accident Lawyers Will Seek Compensation You’re Entitled To

It will be your vehicle wreck lawyer’s goal to present your case so you’re awarded maximum compensation for your damages. But you might be wondering which damages you’re entitled to beyond the repair or replacement of your vehicle. Although it’s true that you can include property damages in your claim, you can also seek compensation for one or more of the following losses:

  • Medical expenses: We would make sure to pursue current and future medical expenses you may have as a result of your injuries. These can cover expenses for surgeries, physical therapy, office visits, medication, and related bills.
  • Pain and suffering: This form of compensation addresses the impact of your physical pain and subsequent emotional suffering from your injuries.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life: Some injuries can have a profound negative effect on your emotional and mental health, and you may struggle to find joy in your post-accident life.
  • Lost wages: Whether you are out of work for a few weeks, a few months, or even longer, we are determined to get compensation that makes up for these losses.
  • Inconvenience:
  • Mental anguish: Emotional and mental distress can be just as disruptive to your life as physical injuries. Your mental health can suffer and make every day a struggle.
  • Loss of companionship and love: Your injuries cause physical, mental, and emotional harm, and you may struggle to connect with your loved ones on many levels.
  • Damage to your earning potential: Your injuries may make it impossible to ever go back to work, or you may not be able to work in the same capacity you did previously. This can hurt your long-term financial stability since you may not be able to earn all the benefits from your previous role.

Your attorney will be experienced at taking every single loss you’ve endured into consideration when calculating the total value of your vehicle accident claim.

Damages in Fatal Car Accidents

Some Royal Oak auto accidents become deadly to those involved in them. If someone’s negligence contributed to your loved one’s death after a car accident, you could be entitled to seek wrongful death damages. This compensation is for funeral expenses, medical bills the deceased may have had before passing, pain and suffering of the deceased before their death, loss of income of the deceased, and other damages.

We recognize how difficult it can be to consider legal action right now. Your family deserves justice, so let us take on your case to help alleviate some of your burdens. We believe in representing the voices of the unheard, and we will not stop until we get a fair outcome for your family.

Car Accident Lawsuits and the State Statute of Limitations

While you may be focused on recovery and rest, please do not wait too long to call our firm. If you need to file a lawsuit for damages after a Royal Oak car crash, you only have three years from the date of the accident to do so, per Mich. Comp. Laws Ann. § 600.5805. This timeline also applies to wrongful death lawsuits.

The longer you wait, the more you risk missing this deadline, and you may not be able to seek damages from the other party. Three years may seem like enough time, but this process can take time to resolve, so the sooner you call us, the better.

Work with Our Royal Oak Car Accident Attorneys

To discuss the details of your case in greater depth with a knowledgeable Royal Oak car accident lawyer at Christensen Law, simply fill out the quick contact form we’ve provided at the bottom of this page or give our office a call our number.