Who is Liable If My Child Gets Hurt at School?

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A school is a magical place for children. It’s here that your child learns how to interact with other kids and start the lifelong quest for knowledge. Some bonds that your child makes may even last them the rest of their life. However, what happens when your child is hurt while at school? Who is liable for your child’s pain and suffering?

The answer to this question is more complex than you might think. Your immediate reaction to learning of your child’s injury at school is usually to hold those responsible to account. Although your feelings are understandable, determining who is at fault in child injuries cases isn’t always straightforward.

Common Detroit School Injuries

The curious nature of children makes them extremely prone to injuries. From playing with items they shouldn’t to adventuring into dangerous areas, children will not hesitate to find trouble. Nevertheless, a school’s top priority besides educating your child should be to protect them from any harm. Whenever the school system fails to do this for your child, it’s completely unacceptable.

The chances of your kid being hurt at school is extremely high. Serious injuries such as broken bones and lacerations always threaten your child’s safety. Children are fragile creatures prone to fatal accidents. Your child’s physical injuries can also negatively impact their emotional and mental health. They could require years of therapy to successfully repair trauma from an accident.

Determining Fault in Your Detroit Child Injury Case

Liability is complicated in situations where your child is hurt at school. If your child is intentionally hurt by a teacher or administrator, the school is naturally liable for the actions of that employee. If your child is hurt due to the negligence of school officials, the school system could also be liable for their actions.

However, there are situations in which the school may not be liable for your child’s injuries. When your child is hurt by another student with no previous history of violence, the school may not be liable for your child’s injuries if officials did everything in their power to ensure your child’s safety.

Children are unpredictable and unless they display a noticeable pattern of misbehavior, you can never truly know what they’re going to do at any time. Of course, a child injury lawyer can better detail liability laws pertaining to your unique case.

Reach Out to a Detroit Child Injury Lawyer

Nothing is more important than your child’s safety and education. When you send your child to school, you expect the adults supervising them to be well-trained and professional. Sometimes the opposite occurs and your child has to pay the price for someone’s negligence. No matter your situation, Christensen Law is here to help you obtain justice for your child’s current and future damages.

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