Motor Vehicle Crash Injury Prevention Programs

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Motor Vehicle Crash Injury Prevention Programs

Attorney David Christensen of Christensen Law is now a member of the University of Michigan Injury Prevention Center. The Injury Prevention Center, funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), performs comprehensive research, educational opportunities, and public outreach initiatives to reduce the occurrence and burdens of injury in Michigan and the Great Lakes Region.

While the Center addresses many different types of injury, its work focuses on injuries from motor vehicle accidents, concussions, falls and accidents among the elderly, opioid and drug overdoses, suicide, and violence.

The U-M Injury Prevention Center brings together over 1,000 members from outside institutions and faculty from more than 14 university departments for an interdisciplinary approach to crafting injury prevention strategies.

The Center organizes its activities into three primary cores:

  • Research: Focuses on injury science
  • Outreach and translation: Brings practice and policy professionals together to provide technical assistance to public health agencies
  • Training and education: Offers students research and practice experience in injury prevention

What is an Injury Prevention Program?

An injury prevention program is an organization or partnership that conducts research and examines data to identify causes of injury and new ways to prevent them. Most injury prevention programs collaborate with local and state health agencies and public health organizations to craft prevention strategies and put new tools into the hands of healthcare professionals, policymakers, and the general public.

Why is Injury Prevention Important?

Many injuries are preventable, but National Safety Council data shows that far too many people sustain serious and fatal injuries every year. Injury prevention programs are essential in developing potential solutions to reduce accidental injuries and save lives. The U-M Injury Prevention Center gives Michiganders a team of caring professionals dedicated to ensuring that cutting-edge injury prevention strategies are disseminated and put into practice.

Examples of Injury Prevention Strategies

The U-M Injury Prevention Center focuses much of its work on transportation safety. Some of the strategies that the Center for motor vehicle injury prevention has funded include:

  • Creating parent-teen driver agreements and parent guides for coaching young drivers as they develop safe driving skills
  • Identifying the need to continue enforcing bans on drivers’ handheld use of cell phones (and banning all cell phone use for young drivers)
  • Researching the negative impacts of Michigan’s 2012 partial repeal of the state’s universal motorcycle helmet law
  • Funding research into new technologies that may provide equipment and practices to prevent future motor vehicle crashes

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