The Most Dangerous Intersections in Detroit

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Dangerous Intersections in Detroit

It’s a distinction we would prefer to avoid: Michigan’s Top 10 Most Dangerous intersections are in Metro Detroit, based on data from state police reports.
You should always exercise caution when approaching intersections, where traffic is heaviest and is coming from multiple directions. Before setting out, consult the list of some of Detroit’s biggest trouble spots and be aware of these hazard spots along your route.
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Dangerous Intersections in Detroit

According to the Michigan State Police crash reports, the worst intersections in Detroit include:

  1. Mack Ave. @ I-75: 75 total crashes, 15 injuries
  2. Joy Rd. @ M-39: 67 total crashes, 29 injuries
  3. M-39 @ Warren Ave.: 66 total crashes, 16 injuries
  4. Grand River Ave. @ I-96: 65 total crashes, 21 injuries
  5. 8 Mile Rd. @ I-75: 64 total crashes, 14 injuries
  6. Warren Ave. @ I-75: 62 total crashes, 19 injuries
  7. Conant St. @ E. Davison St.: 57 total crashes, 26 injuries
  8. 7 Mile Rd. @ I-75: 54 total crashes, 17 injuries
  9. Livernois Ave. @ W Davison St.: 52 total crashes, 15 injuries
  10. I-94 @ Moross Rd: 51 total crashes, 22 injuries

If you are traveling in or around these areas, it is important to stay alert and avoid distractions to reduce the chances of an accident.

Car Accident Statistics in Detroit

Car Accident Statistics in DetroitIt seems logical that intersections pose a higher degree of danger than other roads. In fact, 31 percent of fatal car accidents in Michigan occur at intersections. Drivers should always check carefully before proceeding through any intersection, looking not only for other drivers, but also pedestrians or bicyclists. It is advisable to pause before entering an intersection on the change to a green light, to allow any red-light runners to pass through.
Of all fatal crashes in the state in a recent year, 29.5 percent involved at least one person drinking alcohol while driving a vehicle, riding a bicycle, or walking along the road. Excessive speed was cited as having contributed to fatal crashes 12 percent of the time.
In addition, motor vehicle crashes account for 18.4 percent of all accidental deaths in Michigan.

What to Do After a Detroit Car Accident

Here are a few key actions to take if you are involved in a car accident in Detroit:

You will need to contact your insurance company to report the accident, but try to talk to a car accident attorney before making the call. An attorney can manage all communications with the insurance company for you, putting you in a strong position to obtain maximum compensation for your injuries.

Contact a Detroit Car Accident Lawyer If You’ve Been Injured

Being a victim of a car accident can disrupt your entire life, leaving you with significant physical, financial, and emotional hardships. In Michigan, compensation for your car accident injuries could come from your no-fault insurance or through a third-party lawsuit against the at-fault party. Your legal options will be determined by the facts of the case; schedule a free consultation with Christensen Law to learn your rights.