Michigan Car Accident FAQ

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Questions are common before beginning the process of filing a car accident claim. Find answers to some commonly asked questions below or talk to a lawyer at Christensen Law directly in a free case consultation. Our lawyers are happy to answer your questions.

Michigan Car Accident FAQs

What are some common causes of car accidents in Michigan?

Common causes of car accidents in Michigan include drunk drivingdistracted driving, poor vehicle repairs, defective auto parts, drowsy driving, dangerous roads, dangerous intersections, and reckless driving.

Which types of evidence could prove a car accident case?

You can use any type of evidence you can find to prove a car accident case, but some common types of evidence are witness statements, medical documentation, photo evidence, car accident expert reports, video evidence, physical evidence, and your own testimony as to what happened.

Am I going to have to go to court for my Michigan car accident case?

Going to court is rare in car accident cases, but court is possible. A Michigan car accident lawyer could help you settle your case out of court or litigate your case if necessary.

Who could be at fault for my Michigan car accident?

Fault is important to determine in a car accident case. Parties that are commonly responsible for car accidents include auto parts manufacturers, mechanics, drunk drivers, drowsy drivers, the government, reckless drivers, and distracted drivers.

What does a Michigan car accident lawyer do?

Your Michigan car accident attorney can investigate your crash, gather evidence, calculate the value of your claim, put your case together, negotiate a settlement, or go to court on your behalf, among other things.

Speak with a Michigan Car Accident Lawyer

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