Michigan Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

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A drunk driving accident can change your life. When a drunk driver makes the bad decision to get behind the wheel, you and your family can end up paying the price, sometimes with your life. But a Michigan drunk driving accident lawyer can help.

Drunk driving accidents are a serious problem in Michigan. Every year, over one third of all fatal car accidents involve drugs or alcohol. The victims of drunk driving accidents don’t care about the statistics. They want to know what can be done to help them.

Cooperate with Police

Drunk driving is a crime in Michigan. It can result in very serious consequences, especially when someone is injured or killed. When a drunk driver is convicted, “restitution” payments to the injured victim can part of his or her sentence. But if you want to recover restitution, you will need to cooperate with police to provide them proof of all your losses.

File the Proper Insurance Claims

Whether you were the drunk driver or not, you are still entitled to no-fault insurance benefits. After any auto accident, you can file a claim with your auto insurance provider for medical expenses, lost wages, and attendant care reimbursement.

Sue the Drunk Driver

If the person who hit you was driving drunk, and you were seriously hurt, the driver will be liable for your damages including pain and suffering, and extended disability. Third party claims in drunk driving accidents can help you recover for all the hurt caused by the accident that don’t come with a receipt.

Wrongful Death Actions in a Fatal Drunk Driving Accident

If your family has lost a loved one in one of the many fatal drunk driving accidents that happen every year, there is nothing that will bring that person back to you. But a wrongful death lawsuit can make sure that your family doesn’t suffer for the loss of that person’s income or ability to provide care and services. The family of a drunk driving victim can also receive compensation for funeral and burial expenses, making sure that these unexpected costs don’t bury the family in debt.

Your family has enough to deal with after a drunk driving accident. Make sure you don’t face it alone. The Michigan drunk driving accident lawyers at Christensen Law have been helping the victims of drunk driving accidents for over 30 years. They will help you and your family get the compensation you need and the closure you want. If you or someone you know has been seriously injured in a drunk driving accident, contact Christensen Law today for a free consultation.