Michigan Tops List of America's Safest Drivers

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Michigan Tops List of America's Safest Drivers, Study Says

Detroit and Michigan have long been known as a premier location for car manufacturing. Now, a new study shows that drivers in the city and state also rank among the nation’s best.

“Year over year, Michigan and Detroit rate among the better drivers,” says Adam Johnson, senior research analyst for Quotewizard.com, which has published a report on the country’s best and worst drivers for the past five years. “Detroit is typically one of the best driving cities.”

How Was Michigan Chosen?

The rankings are based on an annual review of insurance data collected by Quotewizard. It analyzed incidents reported on drivers’ records, such as speeding, DUIs, and car accidents.

The most recent data ranked Michigan drivers third for safe driving, a slight drop from the No. 1 spot reported last year. While it’s true that the results are slightly skewed due to Michigan’s high rate of uninsured drivers, “it’s still legitimate to say Michigan has some of the better drivers,” according to Johnson.

Top Five Michigan Cities with the Best Drivers

Quotewizard ranked Michigan’s 25 largest cities in order of the number of driving incidents per driver. The top five Michigan cities include:

  • Lansing
  • Grand Rapids
  • Jackson
  • Holland
  • Kalamazoo

Detroit ranked 12th, despite being the state’s largest city by a wide margin. In the 2019 comparison, the city held the top spot, although its high number of DUI arrests affects its placement in the rankings.

“You better believe the place named Motor City has the best drivers in the country. Near the top in all ranking categories, Detroit is a mainstay among the best driving cities,” says Johnson.

Tips to Help Keep Michigan Residents Safe

To keep Detroit and Michigan near the top of the rankings, consider suggestions from Newswheel, a website focusing on the automotive industry:

  • Stay alert for wildlife crossing the road, especially at dawn or dusk.
  • Keep an emergency kit inside your vehicle at all times.
  • Avoid distracted driving (e.g., texting, talking on the phone, eating and drinking, etc.).
  • Practice defensive driving.
  • Don’t drive after drinking and beware of impaired drivers.

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