Michigan Lawyers Representing Edenville and Sandford Flood Victims

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If your home, business, or property was damaged due to the Edenville and Sanford dam failures on May 19, 2020, Christensen Law is here to help you get the recovery and compensation you deserve.

Any property owners in Gladwin, Midland and, Saginaw Counties or along the Tittabawassee or Tobacco Rivers whose property has been affected by these floods could be eligible for financial compensation.

On May 19, 2020, more then 10,000 people were evacuated following the Edenville dam failure. The dam owned and operated by Boyce Hydro is one of three other hydroelectric dam projects, including the Sanford Hydroelectric project, which also failed that day. According to filings by Michigan and Federal Regulators, Boyce Hydro has a decades-long history of violations.

On February 26, 2018, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) filed a notice proposing revocation of Boyce Hydro Power’s license. The FERC notice stated that:

“Boyce Hydro has a long history of non-compliance” with the terms and conditions of its license regarding “dam safety, property rights, water quality, public recreation and safety, and other areas of public concern.”

The FERC ultimately revoked Boyce’s license.

Most recently, in May 2020 the State filed a lawsuit against Boyce Hydro Power alleging violations and concerns about the Wixom Lake level. Wixom Lake is a manmade lake created by the dam. Then on May 19, 2020, a heavy rainfall raised the water levels. That day the dam failed draining the 21.5 billion gallons of water out of the lake in an hour. The rushing water over ran the river and swept away homes and demolished businesses.

Christensen Law is investigating and representing victims of the dam failures. Our team of experienced lawyers are here to help you. If you are one of the thousands of people affected by property loss, please contact us now.

Why Christensen Law is the Firm to Represent You

Christensen Law is a highly successful Michigan law firm with offices statewide. David Christensen has been a leader in the legal profession, and record-setting trial lawyer for 29 years.

Christensen Law attorney, Dustin Hoff, a graduate of SVSU, lived and worked in Mid-Michigan for more than a decade. As a former resident, he understands the hardships people in these communities are facing.

“I know these people. They are my family, friends, and colleagues. Many have worked hard for years to be able to buy their dream home on or near the water. And through no fault of their own it has been taken from them. They are now victims and that’s not right. This is total devastation for these families. Companies and those responsible need to be held accountable and we here at Christensen Law listen to the victims, protect their rights, and win for them.”