How To Make the Hospital Work for You

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When you or someone you love has been seriously injured in an auto accident, you may suddenly find yourself spending a lot of time in the hospital. Here are some strategies of how you can make the hospital work for you and your no-fault insurance claim.

Go to the Doctor Within 72 Hours of the Crash

If you have been in an auto accident, especially if your airbag deploys or if you have any feeling that something isn’t right, you should go to the emergency room right away. Even after a less serious car crash it is a good idea to be seen by your doctor within 72 hours. Some injuries aren’t visible or easily detected. The doctor or hospital can run screenings for things like traumatic brain injury that get worse over time if left untreated.

Tell Your Doctors About Your No-Fault Auto Insurance

If an injury is related to the use of a motor vehicle, your doctors are required to bill your no-fault auto insurance provider before collecting from your health insurance. Especially if you walk in to your doctor’s office (as opposed to visiting the ER), your doctor’s staff might not realize that your injury is accident-related. Make sure to tell the staff that you have been in a crash and provide them a copy of your proof of insurance. It will make the insurance claim process easier in the long run.

Keep a Log of Tests and Treatments

While you are in the hospital, keep a notepad handy. Record when you receive tests and treatments, who performed them, and what that person’s role is (doctor, nurse, radiologist, etc.). In preparing your no-fault auto accident claim, your attorney will order your medical records. By giving the firm your log it can help make sure the record is complete, and make it easier for your attorney to find the most important parts.

Collect Doctors’ Cards

You will probably be seen by a number of doctors while in the hospital. Over time, it may become difficult to remember who they are and why they visited you. Ask each doctor for a card and make sure their specialty is listed. That way you and your attorney can contact them later on for continuing treatment, and to act as expert witnesses in your auto accident lawsuit.

Ask All Your Questions

There is no such thing as a stupid question in the hospital. If you have any question about your treatment, medications, or diagnosis, make sure to ask the doctor or nurse. You have a right to informed consent to treatment, including knowing what is happening before it happens. Having a clear understanding of your treatment will also make it easier for you to explain to your auto accident attorneys what happened when the time comes.

At Christensen Law, we want you to focus on your health first. But by keeping these tips in mind you can make the hospital work for you and make it easier to get the recovery you need.