Lansing Truck Accident Lawyer

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Lansing Truck Accident Lawyer

If you have suffered injuries or lost a loved one because of a truck accident, negligent parties must be accountable. A Lansing personal injury lawyer from our team will lead your insurance claim or lawsuit. Our firm has sought compensation for truck accident victims since 1991, and our experience will be vital in building your case. Rather than risking your health, allow the Christensen Law team to take your case off your hands.

A Lansing truck accident lawyer from our firm is ready to start your case today. We may not have much time to gather all available evidence and file your case, so call Christensen Law today at 248-900-9000 for your free consultation.

Recoverable Damages in Your Lansing Truck Accident Case

The weight of a truck can cause devastation when it crashes into another vehicle or pedestrian. Our firm will account for both economic and non-economic harm resulting from your accident, which may include:

Medical Costs

Over the course of multiple decades, our attorneys have seen clients suffer a range of injuries. We strive to ensure that, whatever your injuries and medical needs are, you won’t pay a dime out of your own pocket for treatment. We will seek compensation to cover:

  • Emergency services (including ambulance transport)
  • Surgery
  • Hospitalization
  • X-rays and other imaging services
  • Medications
  • Rehabilitation
  • Any other accident-related medical services

The National Safety Council (NSC) explains that the average cost of an accident causing disabling injury is $155,000. This is just the average figure, and does not account for non-economic damages like pain and suffering. Therefore, your accident could be even more costly.

Our team will work with medical professionals to identify the exact cost of your accident-related medical care.

Emotional Damages, Including Pain and Suffering

Being in a truck accident could be the most terrifying event you’ve experienced. Between memories of the accident, the toll of your injuries, and the psychological pressure you face after the collision, you may experience:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Physical pain from injuries
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Depression stemming from your injuries and post-accident circumstances
  • Anxiety
  • Lost quality of life
  • Sleep problems
  • Memory issues
  • Mood and personality changes

Each truck accident victim responds differently to a collision, and our team will pair you with a mental health expert to compassionately diagnose your pain and suffering.

Professional Harm and Lost Income

In our experience, it is likely that your truck accident could cost you:

  • Income
  • Earning power
  • Promotions
  • Bonuses
  • Other professional benefits

If you miss work or must change roles because of injury symptoms, our team will calculate the cost of your professional damages.

Vehicle Repairs

Should your vehicle need repair or replacement, we will include these vehicle-specific costs in your case. We will also calculate the cost of replacing non-vehicular property and securing temporary transportation.

A Loved One’s Tragic Passing

The entire Christensen Law team extends its condolences if you have lost a loved one. Trucking companies and other liable parties must be accountable for claiming your loved one’s life, and they may need to pay for:

  • Any pain and suffering the decedent endured
  • Your pain and suffering, including grief
  • Counseling or any other treatment you need for pain and suffering
  • Loss of the decedent’s non-economic value (including spousal companionship and parental guidance)
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Loss of the decedent’s income
  • Loss of the decedent’s contributions to their household

A lawyer from our firm is intent on securing the compensation you deserve for a truck accident in Lansing. Call Christensen Law today at 248-900-9000 for your free consultation.

Why You Should Choose Christensen Law to Lead Your Case in Lansing

Christensen Law is the rare firm that will put your interests first, always. When you hire us, it is our duty to protect you and secure your financial future, and we take this duty seriously. In addition to our client-centered approach to truck accident cases, you may hire our firm because:

  • We have more than three decades of experience: Because Christensen Law has represented truck accident victims since 1991, we are well-versed in what cases like yours entail. From potential challenges to potentially successful strategies, we know truck accident cases well.
  • Our case results include many seven-figure outcomes: Our case results indicate a law firm that is serious about getting justice for our clients. These results include a $17.8 million for a truck accident victim in Michigan. While each client has different damages, we always strive for maximum compensation.
  • We intend to get justice for you, even if it requires a trial: While we will enter your case with a detailed plan, liable parties must negotiate in good faith if we are going to settle. If those liable parties prove unwilling to offer a fair settlement, we will be ready for court. We won’t settle for anything less than you deserve.
  • We are a Michigan-based law firm with roots in Lansing: We offer legal services meant for clients in our state. Because our attorneys have deep roots in Michigan, we exhibit next-level care for clients. We want to see safer communities throughout Michigan, including Lansing. We work hard to get justice and, in the long run, help make Lansing safer.

When you review what former clients say about Christensen Law, you’ll find a pristine reputation for going the extra mile on our clients’ behalf. Excellence is our in-house standard, and you should expect nothing less.

Our Former Clients Endorse Christensen Law

We take pride in the work we’ve done for all of our clients. We know that it’s not always easy to find a lawyer who will take the time to truly listen to you and make you feel heard. At Christensen Law, we promise to give you the time and dedication you deserve. Several client testimonials capture the essence of the client experience at Christensen Law:

  • “If you require excellent, courteous and professional legal services, this is the firm you want!!! Without a doubt.” – J. Hawkins
  • “Christensen Law in Southfield is an awesome law firm. They were knowledgeable on my situation, responsive and supportive. The staff worked together and was available to answer questions. Most importantly, I felt they were ethical and responsible.” – Wendy Henn

We want you to know that you made the right choice by hiring Christensen Law to lead your truck accident case in Lansing. Our team will do everything in our power to provide a first-class experience during a difficult time in your life.

Let Our Truck Accident Lawyers Lend Their Experience to Your Case

Our legal team will manage every detail of your case, and will fight for your financial recovery by:

  • Securing all evidence that contributes to your case
  • Documenting your damages, which may means obtaining medical records, employment records, and property-related invoices
  • Calculating the exact financial value of your accident-related damages
  • Representing you in settlement negotiations
  • Taking your case to trial (if we do not first secure a fair settlement)
  • Advising you throughout the duration of your claim or lawsuit
  • Leading communications, completing paperwork, and overseeing every other aspect of your case

Christensen Law prides itself on allowing clients to focus on recovery, and we will do so by handling the entirety of your case. Trying to handle this on your own could mean risking valuable compensation– you may not know how much to seek or what you can pursue damages for. Our lawyers can remove the guesswork and fight for the maximum compensation possible.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Christensen Law?

We ensure that any truck accident victim can afford to hire Christensen Law. Our contingency fee structure means that:

  • We will pay to complete your entire case
  • You will not provide us any upfront or out-of-pocket compensation
  • We will receive a percentage of any compensation we obtain for you (and you will know what that percentage is before we begin your case)

It is our mission to help as many truck accident victims as possible get the compensation they deserve, and our no-stress fee structure allows us to fulfill this mission.

We Will Identify All Parties Who Owe You Compensation

As part of our services, we will identify any party whose negligence caused you harm, and this may include:

  • A truck driver
  • A trucking company
  • A truck manufacturer
  • The City of Lansing
  • Other parties

While insurance companies may be obligated to pay you, filing a lawsuit may also be an option if the other party resists paying a fair amount. We will provide transparent advice based on your best interests throughout the entirety of your case.

Call Christensen Law Today for Your Free Consultation

Our team serving Lansing may have a deadline for filing your case, so we encourage you to speak with our team as soon as possible. A truck accident lawyer will draft and file your case as soon as possible. Once you hire us, you may have peace of mind knowing your case is in the hands of a proven legal team.

Call Christensen Law today at 248-900-9000 for your free consultation. We look forward to speaking with you.