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Lansing Personal Injury Lawyer

Filing a claim for a personal injury in Lansing can be challenging without a Lansing personal injury attorney on your team. Connect with Christensen Law today to begin the claims process.

Accidents happen every day in Lansing, and they’re often caused by other people’s negligence. You could sue when someone else’s negligence resulted in you being injured, and a Lansing personal injury lawyer can help you with this challenging legal process.

If you need help holding the at-fault parties accountable and recovering a fair settlement based on your injuries, expenses, and losses, contact Christensen Law today. During your free initial consultation, we can assess your legal options and explain how we approach these compensation claims. Call us now to get started.

Our Lansing Personal Injury Lawyers Manage a Wide Range of Accident Types

Your Lansing, MI, accident has been stressful and overwhelming for you. The aftermath is shaping up to be almost as bad. You are trying to move on with your life, but you are finding that difficult to do. You are dealing with physical pain, mental and emotional trauma, financial losses, and life difficulties. All of these issues were brought about by your Lansing personal injury accident.

You need help with your claim, but first, you must know which laws apply to your case. Were you hurt in a car accident in Lansing? Michigan car accident laws will likely apply to your case. Were you injured on another person’s property? Then Michigan premises liability laws will probably play a role in your case.

Your Lansing injury lawyer will know what type of case you have and where to begin the claim process. A few common types of injury accidents in Lansing include:

Our experienced attorneys can file a claim against the liable party’s insurance company or prepare a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party. The accident lawyers on our legal team have extensive experience seeking and recovering fair compensation for injured parties.

Our Lansing Personal Injury Lawyers Pursue Financial Compensation for Accident Victims

Finding a Lansing personal injury attorney who can help you file your claim could help you get the settlement you need. Your accident in Lansing caused you significant expenses and losses. You deserve to get money to pay for your losses when you didn’t cause your accident. Common types of recoverable damages include:

  • Pain and suffering, emotional distress, and other noneconomic damages
  • Lost income and reduced ability to work and earn
  • Medical bills and future medical expenses

Our attorneys seek maximum compensation for clients who suffered severe injuries in a Lansing, Michigan, injury accident. We have the experience and track record necessary to take on challenging and complex cases, including those with unknown or permanent lasting effects, such as traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord injuries.

How a Lansing Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help with Your Case

When you hire our Christensen Law team to manage your injury case, our Lansing lawyers will immediately begin protecting your rights and navigating the process necessary to recover maximum compensation based on your case details. You can count on our team to:

  • Manage all communication with the liable party, insurance company, and other law firms
  • Investigate the accident to determine fault and liability
  • Calculate a fair settlement value based on your damages
  • Protect your rights from insurance adjusters and others
  • Ensuring you meet all applicable deadlines
  • Fight for the compensation you need and deserve

We believe it’s essential to listen to our clients and ensure their story is told. We aim to be the voice of the unheard. We fight to get justice for our clients. We often represent victims with catastrophic, life-altering injuries. We know how important their payout is to them.

We also represent clients based on contingency. We do not believe financial standing—especially after a serious injury accident—should prevent a victim from hiring an experienced attorney to pursue the compensation they need to cover their care and other damages.

What Our Personal Injury Attorney Can Do to Build a Convincing Claim Based on Your Lansing, MI, Accident

Our Lansing, MI, personal injury lawyers know how to build a solid case to recover compensation for our clients. We will use all resources available to us and will not settle for less than you deserve if we represent you.

We preserve evidence, analyze the details, and work with experts who can help us understand what happened and help us tell the story to the insurance carrier, judge and jury, and other interesting parties. Our compelling arguments allow us to negotiate fair compensation or win financial recovery at trial.

Proving Liability in a Lansing Injury Case

One of the most challenging aspects of a personal injury case is actually determining liability for your harm. While your case may seem pretty simple, personal injury claims are often quite nuanced and require a thorough understanding of tort law. Our personal injury team must use the following elements to demonstrate that the other party was negligent and thus liable for your losses:

  • The other party owed you a duty of care. For example, retailers have a duty to remove any hazards, like water, from spaces where customers or employees might walk. They should do so as soon as possible to prevent harm.
  • The other party breached said duty. The store should have put up a sign and mopped up the water but did not do so in a timely manner.
  • Your injuries are directly the result of this breach. In this slip and fall example, you would not have gotten hurt had the retailers put up a sign and cleaned the floor in a reasonable timeframe.
  • You have injuries and losses associated with this breach. Our lawyers will gather proof of your injuries, expenses, and other losses to show that their negligence resulted in your damages.

Speak to a Personal Injury Lawyer in Lansing, Michigan

You want to get past this Lansing accident to get your life back to normal. First, you need to receive money through a personal injury claim to pay for all your losses. Once your losses are taken care of, you’ll be able to focus on your future. You aren’t expected to handle a claim on your own. A lawyer can help.

Contact a Lansing personal injury lawyer at Christensen Law and take that first step toward the settlement you need. Fill out the form below to contact us for a free case assessment. You can also call our number.