How to Sue a School for Abusing Your Child

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Signs of child abuse can range. If you suspect that your child has been physically, verbally, or sexually abused at school by a teacher or another school employee, taking the proper measures to ensure your child is safe and the assailant pays for their behavior is essential.

Although schools will try to avoid lawsuits because it brings increased attention and financial stress on their part, getting the law involved can sometimes be the best way to guarantee the situation never happens to another child again.

When suing a school for the abuse of a child, a few steps need to be taken before a lawsuit can be sought. However, hiring a lawyer on the front end can provide you with the guidance you need. At Christensen Law, our experienced attorneys can assist you from the very beginning of your school abuse case and make sure you and your child are supported.

Contact the School

The first step after suspected abuse has occurred is to contact the school. You’ll want to talk with both the school officials and the school board that sits above them. That way, everyone knows this is a serious matter. Schedule an in-person meeting where your child, if comfortable, can discuss the incident firsthand.

If your child isn’t comfortable talking about the abuse publicly, they may be able to reveal information about the abuse in a separate meeting with a counselor.

Request an Investigation

Once you have a meeting with the school board, you’ll want to request an investigation of what happened. This means the school officials will need to speak with the teacher or employee in question, and if other children or witnesses were there, they need to be spoken to as well. If the offense is criminal, the police may need to get involved.

If your child was abused physically through disciplinary action, it may be smart to familiarize yourself with the school’s handbook and policies. That way, if you need to argue your child’s case, you’ll have documented support.

Determining Next Steps

Depending on how your school handles the case and how you feel about the situation, filing a lawsuit will be the next step in the process. Even if your school agrees with your abuse claim and decides to fire the employee, you may still have grounds to sue the school or individual. Your lawyer will discuss the details of your situation with you and determine what makes the most sense moving forward.

Contact a Child Abuse Attorney

Suing a school for child abuse is never easy. This is the one place you trust to treat your child with the utmost care. It’s heartbreaking to know that someone has harmed the person you love most. At Christensen Law, we’re here to help you seek the justice your child deserves.

If you have any questions or concerns about your school abuse case, you can schedule a free consultation with us today by filling out the contact form below or calling our office.