How to Prove the Other Driver in Your Accident Was Distracted

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Distracted driving has become a huge issue throughout the country, especially with the overwhelming use of cell phones. It only takes a moment to become distracted by a text message, and the consequences are often catastrophic. If you suspect that a distracted driver caused your vehicle collision, you might be wondering how you can prove your suspicions.

Proving distracted driving can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. It will, however, require investigation into your accident, and it will be necessary to collect as much evidence as you can to prove your case.

Investigating and Proving Distracted Driving

Investigating a vehicle wreck works the same as other types of cases, such as crimes. It’s important to gather evidence immediately after the crash because important evidence can be lost over time. Following a wreck, you are likely dealing with serious injuries that may prevent you from investigating your crash thoroughly. An injury lawyer can help you with this step.

The types of evidence needed to prove a car crash case involving distracted driving will be different for each crash, but some evidence types you might be able to use include the following:

  • You Could Obtain A Copy Of The Police Or Accident Report That Shows The Driver Was Driving Distracted.
  • Witness Statements Can Be Used To Prove That The Driver Was Engaging In Distracted Driving. For Instance, A Witness Could Report That They Saw The Driver With A Cell Phone In Hand When The Accident Occurred.
  • The Driver Could Actually Admit To Distracted Driving, And Their Statements Can Be Used To Prove Your Case.
  • Cell Phone Records Could Be Obtained To Show That A Call Or Text Was Sent At The Time Of The Wreck.

Using Evidence to Prove Distracted Driving Was a Factor in Your Auto Wreck

Once you’ve gathered the evidence available in your case, you will need to use it to prove to an insurance company that you are owed a settlement for your damages. You must also keep in mind that you will need to prove your injuries were serious enough to take your claim out of Michigan’s no-fault system.

Gathering evidence of your injuries will also be important in your case. If the insurer sees the evidence that you have provided, they can choose to offer you a settlement that will compensate you for your losses. If the insurer doesn’t want to pay you a fair settlement, your lawyer can take your case to the courtroom.

Get in Touch With an Auto Injury Lawyer

Now you have some information as to how to prove distracted driving was a factor in your vehicle collision. When a careless or reckless driver seriously injured you, you have every right to hold them accountable through a civil injury claim.

For assistance with your claim, and with getting the fair payout owed to you for your experience, reach out to Christensen Law. You can receive a free case consultation when you call our law firm or when you send over the internet form at the bottom of this page.