Dealing With Trauma After a Car Accident

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Car Accident Trauma in Detroit - Christensen Law

It’s easy to first think of the bodily injuries that result from a car accident. However, crash victims may also suffer from emotional trauma after a collision. Emotional distress can cause debilitating conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and anxiety, among others.

Getting compensation for emotional trauma after an accident caused by someone else is certainly possible in Michigan. But while physical injuries tend to be more obvious, emotional pain and suffering is less visible and so losses are more difficult to calculate. An experienced Detroit car accident lawyer at Christensen Law can help you pursue the money that you deserve for your emotional injuries.

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Car Accidents and Emotional Trauma

Emotional trauma refers to how the mental health of an accident victim is affected by a crash. For example, some individuals that are involved in car accidents may be afraid to get behind the wheel again. Others may be incapacitated by the sound of glass breaking or brakes squealing.

Emotional injuries can manifest as conditions like PTSD and depression, but also as frustration, fear, anger, hopelessness, and irritability, among others. Any of these symptoms can impair a person’s ability to work or participate in daily life and subsequently cause hardships that wouldn’t have existed if the accident had never happened.

Tips to Cope with Trauma After a Car Accident

Here are some coping strategies that might help if you’re suffering from emotional trauma after a car accident:

  • Talk to someone: Friends, relatives, or counselors can provide a great support system after a car accident. Talk to them about your thoughts during the crash, how you felt, and the actions you took.
  • Tell your doctor: Too many people do not seek help when they are dealing with mental health issues. Your doctor can prescribe medications and refer you to mental health specialists who can help.
  • Exercise: Regular exercise releases endorphins into your system, which make you feel more positive and can also help reduce pain. Speak to your doctor about the type of activity you can do safely.
  • Get back to normal: You may not feel as though you can resume your normal activities and routines, but it’s important to try.
  • Become a defensive driver: The crash may not have been your fault, but taking a defensive driving course can empower you and reinforce safe driving behaviors.

Can I Get Compensated for My Emotional Distress?

In Michigan, you can seek compensation for any serious injury or loss that affects your life as the result of an accident caused by negligence. These damages include economic distress. However, due to the fact that these injuries do not have an actual dollar amount, you should always work with a skilled car accident lawyer who can put an appropriate dollar value on your claim.

Christensen Law Can Protect You After Your Car Accident

If you’re living with emotional distress after a crash, the Detroit car accident lawyers at Christensen Law are here to support you. We understand that living with emotional trauma is a very real, very painful experience. Let us help you secure the compensation you are owed for all of your injuries. Reach out to a compassionate lawyer at our firm today.