How Road Construction Zones Cause Injuries

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Nothing derails a road trip or your daily commute faster than a construction zone. Though it’s great to see roadways being worked on and improvements being made, construction zones and the roadwork being done in them often seem to last forever, and when they’re en route to where you’re going, they can be a major annoyance.

But road construction zones are more than an inconvenience. They can also be extremely dangerous, both to the construction workers inside them and the motorists driving through and past them.

Knowing how road construction zones cause injuries is a good way to build your awareness of these hazardous areas and to hopefully decrease your chances of being involved in an accident near one.

Causes of Roadwork-related Injuries

Whenever you’re traveling on the road, car accidents are always a risk, but this risk is compounded in and around road construction zones, for a variety of reasons.

First, distracted driving is a leading factor in most crashes and near-crashes in Michigan. Construction zones throw a wrench in the works when you’re driving and can make even a very familiar stretch of roadway suddenly unfamiliar.

Lane patterns and speed limits are often changed in work zones, for example, and not everyone pays proper attention to these changes. They might even be rubbernecking at the construction itself and not keeping their focus on their driving.

Lazy and thoughtless drivers who are already traveling on autopilot may not give construction areas the attention they demand, which can easily lead to accidents and injuries for them and those unfortunate enough to be driving near them.

Another cause of injuries in road construction zones is the condition of the road while it’s being worked on. This can impact all drivers but is of particular concern for motorcyclists, as any hazards are amplified on a bike—making motorcycle accidents particularly likely in construction zones.

For example, a rough area of temporarily patched asphalt or some construction debris could be enough to throw a motorcyclist or to wreck their vehicle.

Another common cause of construction zone accidents and injuries is the bottlenecking that often occurs in these work areas. When the number of lanes is reduced, for example, or traffic is actually brought to a stop to accommodate roadwork, the chances of a pileup are greatly increased.

Like motorcyclists, truckers are also at heightened risk of road construction injuries, as it takes longer in a truck to slow down and make other adjustments when approaching a roadwork zone. Accidents involving semi-trucks are nightmare scenarios in any case, but injuries and fatalities can be especially extreme when a long line of cars is piled up with nowhere to go and a truck is bearing down fast.

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