How Auto Defects Cause Serious Accidents

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When many people think of car accidents, they imagine two cars colliding. But, in truth, there are a variety of reasons where a single-car accident might occur. With automobiles being such complex machines, the risk of malfunction is always present. We trust car manufacturers to test every model and ensure that it’s safe to drive, but unfortunately, errors can be made.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident and you believe an auto defect was the cause, you may have grounds for a car accident lawsuit. At Christensen Law, our lawyers have a deep understanding of the legal process and can help determine who’s at fault for your wreck. Hopefully, by holding the at-fault parties responsible, a Detroit car accident lawyer can get you the compensation you deserve.

Defects in Car Design

Defects in automobile design can result in a higher risk of accidents and injury. When a car has a design defect, the car works the way it was intended to work, but the way it was intended to work isn’t effective. For example, if you get in a car wreck and your seatbelt leads to severe abdominal damage because of the way it was attached to the seat, this could be considered a design defect.

The lawsuit against Ford Motor Co. and the Ford Pinto is another example of a design defect. They misplaced the gas tank in the vehicle, which increased the likelihood of fire explosions when rear-end collisions occurred.

Automobile Warning Defect

Another way in which a car can be defective is when the manufacturer fails to warn drivers and passengers of possible risks and dangers associated with the vehicle. For example, if the car has parts under the hood that can cause severe burns, a warning label must be placed. In that case, it’s up to the car owner to abide by these warnings. If no warning is provided and injuries occur, a lawsuit can be filed.

Car Manufacturing Malfunctions

Malfunctions in car manufacturing are unexpected defects that happen when driving. If your breaks go out on the road, causing you to lose control; or if your airbag doesn’t deploy in a collision—these can be considered manufacturing defects. The car is supposed to function in a specific way and it failed to do so. Many products liability lawsuits related to automobiles involve errors in car manufacturing.

Contact a Detroit Car Accident Attorney

If you’ve been injured in a single-car accident when you were driving safely and cautiously, an auto defect could be the underlying reason for your wreck. Hiring legal representation to investigate your collision and determine who’s at fault can ensure you receive compensation for your suffering and damages. At Christensen Law, our goal is to seek justice and truth on behalf of all injured victims.

You shouldn’t have to bear the financial burden of your injuries if you weren’t responsible for the accident. To speak with a Detroit car accident lawyer about your specific case, schedule a free consultation by filling out the contact form below or by calling us.