Headaches After a Car Crash

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Don’t Ignore Your Headaches After a Car Crash

A lot of people suffer headaches after a car crash. You may be inclined to brush it off as no big deal. But ignoring your headaches after a car crash could set you up for a long, and painful recovery.

Headaches Can Be Life-Changing

A strong, constant, or reoccurring headache can kill your productivity, interfere with your concentration, and sometimes send you to bed for days on end. These serious headaches can become a life-changing disability. If you can’t work a full day or have to leave childcare to your partner, you may quickly find yourself disabled. Without proper treatment and pain management, headaches and migraines can take over your life.

Chronic Headaches Could Mean Brain Injuries

After a car crash, brain injuries can sometimes be masked by the shock of the experience itself. Without a professional TBI screening, serious head injuries could go undetected, and untreated. Because TBI is caused by swelling and changes in blood flow within your brain, it can sometimes go undetected for days or weeks after an accident.

For many car accident victims, headaches are one of the first outward signs of internal brain injury problems. If you start to experience strong, persistent pain, go see your doctor right away. The longer a brain injury goes untreated, the more likely it is you will suffer long-term or even permanent disability.

Recurring Headaches After a Car Crash Sometimes Signal Spine Problems

Headaches that come and go after a car crash, or that seem to happen when you move in certain ways can sometimes be the result of spinal injuries. Even apparently minor fender-benders can sometimes result in whiplash injuries that throw your spine out of alignment and put you in serious pain.

The bad news is that these spinal injuries can sometimes degrade over time. What starts as a pinched nerve can sometimes develop into a herniated disc requiring extensive therapy or even surgery. But if you and your doctors work together to treat spinal injuries at the first sign of headaches, you may be able to use physical therapy or chiropractic care to correct the problem.

The Worst Headache of Your Life

A strong, sudden headache can sometimes be the first sign of a stroke. This particular kind of stroke can happen in young, otherwise healthy individuals who suffer trauma like a car crash. The headache is the outward sign of blood clots interfering with the flow in the brain. If you feel this particular headache, every minute counts. Go directly to the emergency room. Immediate treatments can slow or stop the stroke and help you retain brain function.

Headaches after a car crash are not to be ignored. They can be disabling in their own right, and can often indicate bigger problems under the surface. If you are suffering ongoing headaches, the attorneys at Christensen Law can help you get your treatments covered by your auto insurance. Talk to your doctor first. Then contact us for a free consultation.