Do Michigan Motorcyclists Get Treated Unfairly by Insurance Companies?

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Motorcyclists often get stereotyped by others. They are thought to be reckless drivers because they choose to ride a motorcycle. This stereotype can harm motorcyclists because many of them are being judged unfairly. Plenty of motorcyclists are safe drivers, and they do everything they can not to get into accidents.

This stereotype is more than annoying. It can actually extend to serious issues such as filing a motorcycle accident claim after an accident. A motorcyclist could have been hurt in an accident caused entirely by someone else, but the motorcyclist is often treated like they’re the ones to blame.

The insurer will say, “Well, you shouldn’t have been riding a motorcycle then. You knew the risks.”

But you should never be held responsible for other people’s actions. A motorcycle isn’t dangerous. Careless drivers are dangerous. You deserve to be treated fairly when you didn’t cause your accident.

Filing a Motorcycle Accident Claim in Michigan

If you have never been in an accident before, there’s no reason you should know how to file a motorcycle accident claim. The process can be daunting, especially when you are already dealing with so much.

The process begins with investigating your accident in order to collect the evidence needed to prove your case. Next, you need to calculate your damages such as pain and suffering, lost income, and medical expenses. You will then need to put your entire case together. You need to include a settlement demand for the insurance company.

Dealing With the Insurance Company for a Michigan Motorcycle Accident

The insurance company can be challenging to deal with. When you ask your insurer for money, they will double- and triple-check your case evidence because it wants to minimize your settlement as much as possible. Sometimes, insurers will even blame the motorcyclist for the accident because they can pay you less if some of the blame for the accident is put on you.

They will even use stereotypes about how dangerous riding a motorcycle is, and how you must be a risk taker if you were riding one, just to get out of paying you fairly.

Yes, insurers do treat motorcyclists unfairly sometimes. The good news is that you don’t have to put up with their nonsense on your own. A lawyer can help you get paid fairly. We won’t let them use stereotypes against you.

Call a Michigan Motorcycle Accident Lawyer for Help

You need to recover financial compensation for your motorcycle accident injuries and damages. You need the money to pay for hospital bills, lost income, property damage, and many other losses. Trying to handle a motorcycle accident claim is extremely difficult. A lawyer has the legal knowledge and experience to help you handle your claim.

Reach out to Christensen Law to talk to a Michigan motorcycle accident attorney. You can get a free claim assessment when you call or when you fill out the form on this web page.