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Even the thought of someone hurting your child is enough to bring panic and fear to your eyes. Once you bring your child into this world, your mission in life is to provide for and protect them while allowing them to lead fulfilling lives.

Where’s the one place where a child should always be safe? School is the correct answer, and each child who attends school should feel safe and secure at all times. However, there are instances where your child receives injuries because of the negligence of the adults around them.

When this happens, you’ll need the help of a Detroit child injury attorney.

Common Causes of Detroit School Injuries

Playground injuries are a common type of injury that occur at schools. Children sometimes play rough. Whether they’re pushing each other a little too hard or climbing and jumping from high places, kids are prone to injuring themselves in a variety of ways.

Of course, children are not always aware of how dangerous their actions are. For this reason, the responsibility of protecting a child’s safety on school premises falls on the adults in charge. Whether it’s a child’s teacher or guardian for a particular activity such as recess, the present adult must ensure the safety of every child.

Sometimes the opposite happens, and a child is severely hurt or worse because of the failure of their guardian. Adults who are one their phone or performing any other activities other than watching the kids under their care could be held responsible. In a split second, a child could chase after a runaway ball and run into the path of oncoming traffic.

Not all accidents at school make for viable personal injury claims. An experienced Detroit personal injury attorney can look over the details of your case to determine whether you have grounds to sue.

How School Injuries Impact Your Child

Your child is developing every day, and experiencing a traumatic injury can stunt their development. The physical aspect of the accident is bad enough, but mental trauma could also result from the injury.

Years of therapy may be needed, and this can impact their emotional growth in ways that no one can anticipate. Even if your child heals from their original injury, the aftermath of everything they’ve experienced can severely impact their life happiness.

Talk with a Detroit Child Attorney

You must protect the rights of your child at all costs. When someone harms your child, it’s your duty to fight for them. Christensen Law is here to help you and your child obtain justice against negligent or careless individuals.

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