Can I Sue Someone for Intentional Injuries?

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It’s possible to be injured by another person under a variety of circumstances. Sometimes, people don’t intend to cause you injury, such as in the case of an auto wreck. Even if they didn’t intend to harm you, they can still be held accountable for your losses. But what about when someone intentionally hurts you? Can you sue a person in that situation?

When someone assaults you or otherwise intentionally causes you bodily injury, that person can be held accountable in criminal court. It’s also possible to sue a person who has hurt you intentionally. For example, if someone physically attacks you, you can sue them in civil court for compensation for your damages.


Why Should I Sue Someone if They Will Be Punished in Criminal Court?

There are many good reasons to sue someone who has harmed you on purpose.

First, you may want to ensure that this person can’t harm someone else. Filing a personal injury claim against them can stop them from injuring others.

Next, you might want to sue because the person did not receive penalties in criminal court. Sometimes, there is not enough evidence against a person for them to be convicted of a crime, but you can still successfully sue them in civil court.

Another reason to sue a person who has intentionally caused you harm is to bring about important changes in laws. Such lawsuits can lead to new legislation that will create a better and safer world for others.

Finally, you might want to sue someone so you can recover the financial losses your injuries have brought to your life. Your injuries could have resulted in expensive medical bills, lost income due to missed time at work, and the cost of medical treatment.

Damages You Can Be Awarded When You Win an Injury Lawsuit

Although the court can’t take back the injury and trauma you’ve experienced, it can provide you with monetary compensation as a form of justice. In some cases, the court can even award punitive damages in the hope of deterring the person who harmed you from continuing with that type of behavior.

You can also be awarded non-economic damages to compensate you for the pain of your injuries, the emotional suffering you’ve endured as a result of the intentional injuries you were subjected to, and the loss of your enjoyment of life. Injuries can impact your life in many negative ways, and you are owed total compensation for what you’ve suffered.


A Detroit Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Whoever harmed you deserves to be held to account for what they’ve done. Hopefully, they will be held criminally liable for your injuries, but you can also sue them in civil court. Filing and winning a lawsuit is a difficult process, and you will likely want to secure legal help with your case.

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