What Does a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Do?

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What Does a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Do

A motorcycle accident lawyer does everything they can to protect their client’s rights after a collision caused by negligence. What this entails may vary from case to case, but common tasks include:

  • Collecting evidence to put in the client’s casefile
  • Negotiating with the insurance company for fair damages
  • Representing the client in all interactions with other involved parties
  • Answering the client’s questions and providing legal advice

How Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Serve Their Clients

Services differ from firm to firm, but the mission of a motorcycle accident lawyer remains the same: to do everything possible to find the party who hurt their client and hold that party accountable by seeking a fair settlement or jury award.

As they pursue these goals, a personal injury law firm will perform many tasks, including but not limited to:

Filing an Insurance Claim

A biker can potentially recover compensation from the insurer of the at-fault party or their own insurers depending on the motorcycle insurance coverage they have.

You will want to go over your state’s insurance laws with your attorney, as some states—like Michigan, for example—allow bikers seek PIP benefits from the at-fault party.

Filing a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

Say that your policy or the other driver’s PIP policy does not cover the full extent of your losses. What do you do now?

Your legal representative will file a case against the at-fault party. This way, the party who caused your injury pays for the damage they did, and you do not have to worry about how you will support your family or cover your bills.

Building a Motorcycle Crash Casefile

Your attorney will get to know your case inside and out by asking and answering questions like:

  • Who was at fault?
  • Was anyone ticketed?
  • Did the other driver have insurance?
  • Did the motorcycle have insurance?
  • Who owns the motorcycle you were riding?
  • What are your injuries?
  • Did you go to the hospital? Alternatively, have you seen a doctor?

The answers to these and other questions allow your lawyer to determine how much money you deserve and who should pay that money.

Pursuing Compensation for Your Motorcycle Collision

Once you file a case, there are two main ways that case may play out. The first is that you receive a pretrial settlement from the insurer. Your attorney can negotiate with the insurance company to attain the right settlement.

The second option is that your case goes to trial. This may happen if the insurer refuses to negotiate. Your law firm will now present your case in court and work hard to convince the jury to find in your favor.

The Benefits of Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

The legal tasks described above all require a large investment of time and effort. A layperson often does not have the means or the knowledge to handle all of these tasks because:

  • Many different laws apply to their case, some of which are very complex. They need to comply with all laws and regulations at all times to get compensation.
  • They have suffered a serious injury that causes daily pain and requires medical care. It is easy to be distracted by an injury and inadvertently do something wrong in a legal case.
  • The insurance company retains attorneys whose only job is to protect them from personal injury lawsuits. They will use their greater expertise and legal knowledge to take advantage of the accident victim.

Lawyers Make Things Easier for Motorcycle Accident Clients

After seeking medical care, one of the first things you should do after a collision is to get advice from a motorcycle crash attorney. They can make your life (and your family’s life) much easier by:

  • Managing every single legal aspect of your case, big and small, so you do not have to worry about it at all
  • Providing timely guidance about what actions you can take, what the likely outcome of those actions might be, and what legal decisions might serve you best
  • Calculating the exact amount of compensation you deserve rather than relying on generalities or a nonexistent “average” settlement amount
  • Lending a sympathetic ear when you explain your situation and ask them for advice
  • Allowing you to focus your time and attention on recovering from the crash

Your Eligibility for Motorcycle Accident Compensation Is Running Out

Bikers have every right to use the roadways safely and, if that right is violated, to file a case against the at-fault party. However, your ability to take advantage of that right depends on how quickly you start your legal action.

In Michigan, for instance, the relevant deadline is found at Mich. Comp. Laws Ann. § 600.5805, which states that all cases must be filed within three years. It is a good idea to talk to a law firm as soon as possible to make sure they have enough time to begin your case.

Are Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Also Trial Lawyers?

That varies from firm to firm. Some firms include attorneys who have been trained to go to trial for clients. Other attorneys cannot do this.

You will want to know ahead of time if your law firm is willing and able to go to court for you. At this early stage of your case, it is impossible to predict whether or not your case will go to trial, but you want to be prepared for every eventuality. That means:

  • Asking each law firm you consult if their team includes trial lawyers
  • Picking a firm that is able to go to court for you
  • Accepting the risk that you will need to hire a second firm to represent you at trial, if you pick a firm that provides no courtroom representation

Choosing an All-Inclusive Motorcycle Accident Law Firm Is Best

No matter how much you may like a particular firm, if they cannot fight by your side from the beginning of your case to the very end, they might not be right for you. It is usually easier and less stressful to select an attorney who you know will take care of everything.

Finding the Right Motorcycle Accident Attorney for You

With so many motorcycle accident injury firms out there, how do you find the one that is best suited to handle your case? There are a number of steps you can take to make sure you pick the right attorney, including:

Researching Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Online

Most, if not all, law firms now have websites where you can learn about the members of the firm, review their past case results, and read testimonials from clients. You can also check sites like Google for more reviews and insights.

In addition to making sure the firm has good reviews, you will want to make sure they operate in your area and have previous experience with motorcycle accident cases.

Meeting with Multiple Motorcycle Accident Firms

While time is of the essence, you do not have to hire the first law firm you visit. On the contrary, it is better to speak with several firms so you have a better idea of how motorcycle accident lawyers operate and which one will best serve your needs. You can do this by:

  • Creating a short list of the offices you find the most promising
  • Calling up each of these firms and getting a case evaluation (many firms provide this service over the phone at no charge)
  • Scheduling an in-person or virtual meeting to delve deeper into your options
  • Showing up to the meeting prepared with a list of questions and topics you want to cover, including the firm’s rates, areas of expertise, strategy, and capabilities (e.g., will they go to court)

Taking the Time to Consider Each Personal Injury Lawyer

Even when you find a firm you really like, do not hire them immediately. Instead, ask to take home a copy of their contract so you can consider your options over the next day or two.

Most firms will be happy to give you this time and to answer any questions you pose after the meeting ends. If they ever seem impatient or secretive, scratch that firm off your list and select one that respects you as a person and as a client.

Can You Change Lawyers Partway Through Your Case?

If you feel that your attorney is not doing a good job or is handling your case in a way you are not comfortable with, then yes, you can (and should) change attorneys.

While switching law firms in the middle of a case can be stressful, it is better to do so as soon as you realize there is a problem rather than allow a lawyer you do not trust to continue moving forward.

Signs of an Untrustworthy Motorcycle Accident Attorney

You should never underestimate the power of trusting your gut. If something seems off, even if you cannot pinpoint what, change lawyers. This is your case, you are in charge, and you have the right to switch representatives at any time for any reason.

There are also certain red flags you should be on the lookout for. If you feel uncomfortable with a law firm, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are they keeping you informed about your case on a regular basis, or do you never hear from them?
  • Do they respond to your calls and emails quickly or slowly?
  • Are they really listening to what you have to say and what your goals are, or do you feel steamrolled by their own suggestions and observations?
  • Do they try to push you towards options that you are uncomfortable with?
  • Do you feel like you know what is happening with your case, or are you confused about your rights, responsibilities, and options?

Signs of a Good Motorcycle Accident Attorney

By contrast, a good lawyer will go above and beyond to make sure you are included in the legal process. Such a representative will:

  • Make themselves available to address your questions and concerns in a timely manner
  • Be patient about explaining your options and ensuring you have all of the information you need to make informed legal decisions
  • Tell you how often they will update you about your case and then follow that schedule (or give you a good reason for why they have not done so)
  • Make you feel safe and listened to as you embark on a stressful and complicated legal case

Do You Want to Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Getting help from a law firm is as easy as dialing our number and asking for a free case review. Christensen Law has been helping people like you since 1991. While we cannot guarantee a particular outcome, we promise that our motorcycle accident lawyers will do everything in our power to secure fair compensation.