Keeping Your Child Safe at Preschool in Michigan

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This video is part of a series of videos developed by personal injury attorney David Christensen to inform parents about the laws governing private Michigan preschools and help parent understand their rights.

As a parent, keeping your child safe is your top priority. If your child is enrolled in a private preschool program then it’s important for you to be involved. You should always feel free to ask the director, teachers, or staff members, questions about their methods of care and types of activities that take place while your child is in their care. If your child is hurt or injured, the preschool is legally required to provide details to you about the incident. If at any time you feel your child has been abused or injured, you should speak with the administration. And, if for you reason you feel that the school is withholding information, it’s important to know that they may have some liability.

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