Investigating Your Auto Accident Case

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When the auto accident attorneys at Christensen Law file your lawsuit they want to make sure they have the proof they need to prove it to the judge and jury. Here are some of the steps you can expect as the experienced trial lawyers are investigating your case.

Medical Records

As the attorneys start investigating your case, they will ask you to sign releases for medical records from the various doctors and hospitals involved in your care. Even if the information seems unrelated, the attorneys may be able to use a good eye exam or a clean bill of health prior to the accident to help prove that you are entitled to more benefits.

Accident Site Investigations

Sometimes Christensen Law will send someone to the site of the accident to take pictures and better understand how your car crash happened. Other times, they will file a Freedom of Information Act request with your local police department for a copy of their accident report. This report often includes photos of the scene, the cars, and any property damage or skid marks that can help the lawyers who are investigating your case.

Discovery of Information

Once the lawsuit has been filed, both sides are entitled to “discovery.” Through this process, the lawyers can further investigate your case to find out why your insurance claim was denied. Discovery goes both ways, though. You should expect to be asked to answer “Interrogatory” questions and attend a deposition where the insurance company’s attorneys will ask you questions about the accident and your injuries. Your Christensen Law auto accident attorney will help you answer the Interrogatories and prepare you for your deposition so you feel ready when the time comes.

Expert Witness Reports

As your case progresses, your auto accident attorneys will likely choose expert witnesses who can best testify to your injuries and how they affect your lifestyle. Many times these are your doctors and therapists. Other times they might be accident re-constructionists. The other side will also have experts ready to defend their case. One of those experts may be a doctor who performs an “Independent Medical Examination.” In either case, the experts will review all the information in your case and prepare reports of what they will testify to at trial. After the reports are exchanged, your lawyer may need to “depose” the insurance company’s experts to get more information about their testimony and challenge their findings.

There are a lot of strategies available to the auto accident attorneys at Christensen Law in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to investigate your case. Some will happen behind the scenes, while you will be very involved in others. It is always important that you speak openly with your lawyer and give them as much information as you can. That way they can prepare and litigate your strongest case.