Dearborn Wrongful Death Lawyer

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Your beloved family member deserves justice when their death was brought about by another person’s negligence. Contact a Dearborn fatal accident attorney at our firm to get started.

There is nothing anyone can do to heal your pain after the loss of a family member, but there are a few good reasons to file a wrongful death claim.

Submitting a claim can serve to protect others from the negligent person who brought about your loved one’s death. Your claim can also bring you and your family the money you need to pay for the losses you’ve been forced to face. Additionally, wrongful death claims can bring awareness to dangerous behaviors that can cause fatal accidents.

You don’t have to deal with the wrongful death claim process on your own; a Dearborn wrongful death lawyer with Christensen Law is ready to help.

Who Is Permitted to Submit a Wrongful Death Claim in Michigan?

Not everyone can file a fatal accident claim in Michigan. In general, only family members are permitted to file a claim for the loss of their loved one. Generally speaking, the deceased person’s spouse and children can file a claim; parents and siblings can file a claim; grandparents and children of the deceased person’s spouse can file.

If there are no immediate family members living, others who are mentioned in the deceased person’s will or those who would be able to inherit from the deceased can file a wrongful death case. A Dearborn wrongful death attorney can help you to file your case against the person who caused the death.

Dearborn Wrongful Death Benefits for the Family Left Behind

Why would you want to receive financial compensation from your family member’s death? Unfortunately, the family members are the ones who will suffer following a person’s death.

They often have to deal with many financial effects of the death, such as funeral and burial costs and medical care expenses. Additionally, if the deceased person was the provider for the family, the family might struggle financially as a result of their death.

You’re also entitled to receive compensation for your grief, for the pain and suffering your loved one experienced, and for loss of care and companionship. Working with a Dearborn fatal accident lawyer can increase the odds of a successful wrongful death claim resolution.

Get Help with Your Fatal Accident Claim by Partnering with a Dearborn Lawyer

Your family has suffered because of another person’s negligence, but you may not feel up to the challenge of filing a wrongful death case. A lawyer can assist you in filing your case and will work to see that your family member’s death does not go unpunished. The person responsible must be held accountable for their actions so others aren’t also harmed or killed.

Make the call to a Dearborn wrongful death lawyer who can help you submit a claim for wrongful death while you focus on getting through this difficult time. Christensen Law can be reached via the online contact form below or by calling our firm directly at 248-900-9000.